When first embarking on a new health and fitness plan, many will be ferociously focused on achieving their fitness goals and will more than likely expect to see results as soon as they hit the treadmill.

However, after a few weeks of hard work and dedicated training, initial enthusiasm can begin to wane, especially if there is no movement on the scales. At this point, it is easy to throw the towel in and give up entirely. 

Before you decide to call it quits, Melissa Weldon, Head of Training at boutique fitness concept Sweat It London (www.sweat-it.com), offers her 7 tell-tale signs that you shouldn’t give up on your exercise routine just yet, and that perseverance is key:  

You are sleeping soundly:

Exercise causes the body to release endorphins which can reduce stress, tire you out, and boost daytime alertness, which will ensure you are tired and ready to rest by bedtime. So, if you are noticing that you’re getting a solid 8 hours of sleep per night, falling asleep faster and/or experiencing a deeper, more restful sleep, this could be a clear sign that your new regime is working.

Your commute is becoming easier:

Another indication that your plan is working is that your commute is becoming more bearable and/or manageable.  Whether your commute consists of a 1 hour bus journey or multiple changes on the underground, you should find the sprinting for the bus or train much easier. You should no longer be panting for breath, as your cardiovascular health should improve considerably if embarking on an effective exercise plan. If you are struggling to boost your cardio levels, I would recommend trying out a HIIT group training class that will really test your cardio abilities. Try a class at the innovative dual concept studio, Sweat It London, which combines intense cardiovascular treadmill training with functional strength and conditioning rig-based exercises. Visit www.sweat-it.com for more information.

Your sex drive is at an all-time high:

Exercise can relieve stress and boost confidence for many – two of the main things which can disrupt your sex life. So, if you’re noticing a boost in the bedroom, this is a clear sign that your exercise routine could be paying off and that you’re doing all the right things to better yourself. 

Your skin is glowing:

A healthy and balanced exercise regime can increase blood flow and help nourish skin cells. Therefore, if you are noticing that your skin is looking brighter since you started your new regime, this is a key indicator that it’s working.

You’re finding it easier to concentrate and stay focused throughout the day:

Regular exercise can release certain chemicals in the brain which helps to improve your ability to stay focused. Therefore, if you notice that you can get your work done more efficiently and block out distractions, it is a clear indication that you are benefiting from your exercise routine.  

Improved mood:

Exercise releases a huge amount of endorphins and serotonin into the body, both of which can help alleviate depression. As well as this, exercise also reduces the production of immune system chemicals, which are known to make symptoms of depression worse. Therefore, if you are noticing that you’re generally feeling happier, this could be a clear sign that your health plan is in fact working. 

You are feeling more energised:

Exercise is known to boost cardiovascular health, which allows you to have greater energy throughout the day. When you find it easier to do your daily activities and still have energy left to smash out a gym session, that’s when you know your exercise routine is working.