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It might not surprise you that research shows men avoid visiting the doctor so much more than women.

Unfortunately, this can put their health at risk because small issues are caught much later, when they have developed and progressed. These are the 4 ways in which men who don’t like to visit the doctor can tell if there is something wrong with their health:

Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors, both physical and emotional. Sometimes it is not the ability to achieve an erection, but also how long he can maintain it and whether or not you are able to achieve satisfactory penetration. Although you may be able to buy sildenafil online to deal with the symptom and continue to enjoy a fulfilling sex life, this could be one of the first signs of conditions such as high blood pressure, kidney failure and high cholesterol.

Similarly, sexual desire and libidos are almost as much emotional and mental sensations as it is physical. This means that a change in their appetite could indicate they are experiencing stress, anxiety or mental health concerns. Unfortunately, men are much more reluctant to attend counselling or seek help for this. It is imperative you can encourage and support them to do so.

Weight Gain

Over time, weight gain is natural just because the body and the metabolism slow down. However, a sudden weight gain all over the body can be an indication of a medical concern. This can be caused by hormonal changes, which can highlight a problem within the testes. This is extremely common, with 4 in 10 men over 45 experiencing an androgen deficiency condition known as hypogonadism. Hormonal supplements can help to treat this, the individual will just need to have their testosterone levels measured at the doctors.

Breathlessness More Than You Think Is Normal

Yes, we’ve established that fitness levels might fall a little, particularly as we age. However, it can be a little more serious sometimes. The problem is that it doesn’t necessarily come with weight gain or any other visible signs, so it can be hard to catch, but pay attention as he runs up the stairs or he complains of any kind of pain in his chest, it might not just be indigestion. It could be a heart problem, blood pressure issues, high cholesterol and in serious cases, cancer. Pay attention and don’t allow him to dismiss it.

Changing Moles & Skin Types

Moles and skin change over time, most are benign and not a concern, but if you notice blotches that never appeared before, growing or evolving moles, a change in texture to areas of his skin or hair loss on his body, it’s important you bring it to his attention. It might be the case that he simply has not noticed, yet for many, they will be ignoring the changes.

Mole mutation is often the first sign of malignant melanoma, which is skin cancer. When discovered and treated early, this is can often just be cut out. In turn, changes in skin can be a sign of diabetes, bad diets, IBS and allergic reactions. Hair loss on the body is also a key indication of a hormonal imbalance that may lead to other concerns, including erectile dysfunction, fertility concerns and hair loss on the head.

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