Clear out the clutter from your bathroom cabinet and replace it with just one small bottle of Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Oil, nature’s powerful antibacterial multi-tasker that will combine the work of many of the other products filling your shelves.

Thursday Plantation is the World’s #1 Tea Tree brand and Australia’s original tea tree oil. The plantation was the first to emerge in the world nearly 40 years ago, pioneering quality standards to create the most effective 100% tea tree oil that is traceable from tree to bottle. 

Distilled from specially selected Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, a plant native to coastal regions of northern South Wales and south eastern Queensland, Australia, this 100% pure and naturally sourced antibacterial liquid is your multi-tasking must have in a bottle!

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure

RRP £11.00 for 25ml bottle

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful, natural antibacterial, which inhibits a broad spectrum of bacteria to cleanse and protect skin abrasions and blemishes.

It contains no less than 36% of the active ingredient terpinen-4-ol, a proven germicide. It’s also low in para-cymene content to minimise skin irritation, and does not sting – making it comfortable to use. 

This medicine kit in a bottle is must have in any bathroom cabinet, first aid kit or travel bag!


1. SPOTS AND BLEMISHES – A natural antibacterial that can improve the appearance of skin blemishes. Apply using a non-plastic cotton bud directly to the affected area.

2. MOUTH ULCERS – Apply directly to the sore using a cotton bud to help ease the pain and heal the area.

3. INSECT BITES – Take the sting and itch out of insect bites. Either apply directly to the skin or for more sensitive skin, add a few drops to a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, and apply.

4. FUNGAL NAIL INFECTIONS – It can be used to treat a fungal nail infection by applying directly to the toe. It is absorbed very quickly and will penetrate toenails, but several months of application may be required.

5. SORE MUSCLES – The anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe sore muscles. Add 10 drops, along with a large handful of epsom salts, to a warm bath and soak for 30 minutes.

6. DANDRUFF AND ITCHY SCALP – Add to your regular shampoo and to really make the most of the soothing benefits, leave for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. 

7. TOOTH ACHE  – Directly apply 2-3 drops of tea tree oil onto the gums surrounding the infected tooth twice each day until pain subsides

8. DISINFECT BRUSHES AND COMBS – Add 25 drops of tea tree oil to a sink of hot water to soak hairbrushes and combs to clean and disinfect them.

9. HOUSEHOLD CLEANING – Fill a spray bottle with 15-20 drops of tea tree oil and the rest of the bottle with water. Dr. Wendy Denning says, “It is a wonderful disinfectant and will also make your house smell clean.”   

10. TOOTHBRUSH – Keep your toothbrushes bacteria-free by treating with tea tree oil. Add 10 drops to 1 glass of water, and submerge your toothbrushes overnight. Ideally do this once a week.

11. MOUTHWASH – 2-3 drops of the oil in a cup of warm water can be a very effective mouth rinse to ease a sore mouth, oral thrush or gum disease.

12. AIRBORNE DISINFECTANT – Use in a diffuser to help eliminate mould, mildew, bacteria and viruses in your home.

13. WASHING MACHINES – Harness the cleaning and disinfecting power of tea tree oil to help clean your washing machine. Add 10-15 drops to your empty washing machine, and then run it on its hottest cycle. This will help kill bacteria and eliminate odour.

14. SUNBURN – Add a few drops to coconut oil or aloe vera gel to soothe and calm sunburn. Dr. Wendy Denning says, “Plus, it reduces blistering and peeling!”

15. HEAD LICE – Take care of pesky lice naturally by mixing up your own lice shampoo. Add 15 drops to one cup of your favorite shampoo. Massage into the scalp and let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes before rinsing.  

16. COLD SORES   – Dab tea tree oil directly to the affected area and coat well. May be mixed with coconut oil and applied multiple times per day

17. ACNE – Dr. Wendy Denning says, “Treat spots on the back, chest, body by taking a bath with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and soak for up to ten minutes.”