There are so many options when it comes to choosing a new TV, but did you know that we have a longstanding British made brand that is taking the world by storm, and it may just make you think about buying British rather than the usual go to TV brands from Japan and South Korea?

Cello Electronics, based in County Durham in the UK produce numerous TV’s from 16” HD LED TV’s up to 85” Superfast Smart 4K HDR TV’s with integrated WiFi and Freeview T2 HD, and every size in between.

Our gadgets writer Rachel McAlley has been road testing a Cello 43” Smart 4K UHD Superfast Android 7.0 TV for the past 4 weeks and this is her review.


Okay, so the first thing I noticed when un-boxing the Cello 43” was that it is an exceptionally light TV, definitely the easiest TV I have ever unboxed. The instructions suggested that two people unpack the box, however I was in my office and wanted to get the TV up and running (like an excitable child in a sweet shop), so I got it out by myself with total ease, in fact once out of the packaging I could have lifted the TV with just two fingers it really is that lightweight.

After plugging in the aerial and to the mains, the TV was ready to start. The Cello Smart 4K UHD TV was up and running, all channels searched for and found within seconds, and the best aspect of the TV, yet also the most unusual aspect was the ability to change between using the traditional style of remote control to the ‘Mouse’ button and being able to use the air mouse remote control, a total game-changer for bringing something different to the table!

I literally played for a couple of hours with the air mouse remote as I’d never used a mouse for TV viewing before, it was a novel treat, one that I hope to see on all TV’s in the future.


Other major plus points are that the TV boasts Cello Play, which gives easy access to catch up content with 7-day back and forward EPG plus integration with IMDb for richer content info. The Android 7.0 element gives a faster user interface, which has been designed for 4K TV’s plus compatibility with all mainline streaming applications and catch up services.

I especially loved that I could jump from being offline to Netflix in an instance with zero hassle, and to top it off the picture quality far outweighed what I had expected, indeed the 43” boasts excellent screen quality.

I have used the TV for general TV viewing, playing with a few Apps such as YouTube and Tiny Pop (I have a 7 year old), watching movies through Netflix, and checking my social media Twitter account. It’s a great smart TV that is absolutely capable of far more than I have used it for. 

Also integrated is the USB 2.0 which means it’s easy to record digital TV and play media files from other devices, HDMI with 4 inputs meaning that external devices and consoles can be added, and a Micro SD card slot to store data for quick call up to preferred apps, TV, movies and games.

I would highly recommend this TV as a main household TV for families, couples or singles, it’s exceptionally lightweight, it’s easy to set up, it’s user friendly, it’s ahead of the game with functionality, and the picture quality is excellent. What more could you possibly need from a TV?

And to finish off my review, Cello is the only a British TV manufacturer in the UK so take a look on British soil when investing in your next TV, you just might be as super impressed as I am, because this really is a seriously great TV and a superior brand, one not to be overlooked.

I’ll be sad to send back to Cello, however I definitely know where I’ll be buying my next TV from.

Cello TV’s can be purchased via TV Village, Amazon UK, ebay, JD Williams, Grattan and other well-known retailers. Prices start at £349. Visit www.celloelectronics.com for more info.