Everywhere you go someone is wearing headphones, from the train and bus to walking down the street, people wear them while driving the car, or hanging with friends.

Headphones are the ‘go to’ for spending quality time listening to music and podcasts, watching movies, or working shut off from the surrounding sounds of the world.

There are many variations of these super trendy headphones including overhead headphones and in-ear headphones, they are wireless with long-lasting life, they are big and bold, or small and discreet, and they almost certainly finish an outfit off with style!

We have put together four of the best that we totally rate. They each bring something different to the table; so read on to see, which you think would suit you.

Let’s start with the overhead headphones from both Lindy and Bang & Olufsen, both are super comfy, easy to wear, have excellent sound quality, and are seriously sexy to look at. Take a look below and decide for yourself.

Lindy, BNX-100 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
Priced at £119.00, from
www.amazon.co.uk, www.lindy.co.uk, www.richersounds.com

The Lindy BNX-100 wireless noise cancelling headphones have been developed to deliver superb quality Hi-Fi sound using advanced aptX® technology. Thanks to ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) technology and high-quality protein leather ear pads which provide a snug fit, up to 95% of external low frequency noise is removed, so your listening experience goes undisturbed.

Featuring revolutionary Auto-Pause technology, which pauses audio when the headphones are taken off, an integrated microphone and controls for music and handsfree calling the BNX-100s are the perfect travel companion.

Audio Pass-Through mode allows the user to let in outside noise and voices on demand without having to remove the BNX-100s, ideal for ordering in-flight meals, brief work conversations or hearing important announcements.

A long-lasting rechargeable battery life of up to 15 hours means the BNX-100s provide a continuous flow of your audio for an uninterrupted wireless listening experience, while the included 3.5mm audio cable ensures audio can carry on playing even longer.

For added convenience the charge status of the BNX-100 can be monitored thanks to an integrated battery monitor, or on the screen of compatible iOS devices. The BNX-100s have also been designed to provide optimum audio performance whilst in ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) mode, however they will continue to operate without ANC being active so that you continue to use the headphones even if the battery runs out. 

Bang & Olufsen, BEOPLAY H91 Headphones
Priced at £450, from

The over-ear headphones deliver Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with advanced ANC (active noise cancellation). The acoustics are expertly tuned by their sound engineers to deliver rich and powerful listening experiences. Transparency Mode lets you hear your surroundings, when you need to.

The new Beoplay H9i are updated with a host of new features including Transparency Mode and a proximity sensor that pauses playback when you remove your headphones — and resumes it when put back on. A new bass port brings even deeper bass performance.

The elegant over-ear cushions wrap your ears in soft lambskin and adaptive memory foam for an ultra comfortable fit, even during extended use. Polished, anodised aluminium and genuine cowhide leather complete Bang & Olufsen’s most luxurious design yet.

Enjoy up to 18 hours of wireless playtime with ANC, or up to 23 ours with Bluetooth only. For those longer journeys on the road, you can easily exchange the rechargeable battery or simply attach the audio cord to keep the music playing.

Tap and swipe to answer calls, skip tracks, adjust the volume and more. With intuitive touch gestures directly on the ear cups, you have quick access to your most used features without needing to take your phone out.

Moving on to in-ear headphones now and the two we are putting forward are by FOCAL and RevoNext. If in-ear buds are your thing, and let’s face it we all have some that came with our mobile phones, then these two are next gen level for comfort, design, quality and style. Will you become a fan?

FOCAL, SPHEAR Wireless High-Definition In-Ear Headphones
Priced at £89.99, from

Sphear Wireless earphones deliver a precise sound while allowing even more freedom of movement! Their innovative spherical design provides unrivalled comfort for hours of undisturbed listening. They also meet all your connected listening needs thanks to their aptX® – compatible Bluetooth® module: leaving you to enjoy your favourite tunes wherever you want.

Sphear Wireless reproduce a sound that is faithful to the original work, characterised by excellent treble handling, a realistic bass and plenty of dynamics. The spherical design of these unique wireless headphones allows long hours of comfortable listening. Integral to this design are the small, discreet and comfortable ear-buds. Sphear Wireless have no shortage of strengths; with their two equaliser modes, ergonomic three-button remote control, and 8 hours of battery life, they are the ideal wireless in-ear headphones for connected, on-the-go music lovers everywhere.

Available in four distinct colours including black, blue, purple, and olive.

RevoNext, QT5 In-Ear Headphones (featuring Balanced Armature and Dynamic Driver)
Priced at £22.98, from

The QT5s look and sound great with a quality, strong metal housing delivering a deep bass and clear, delicate high treble resulting in an excellent overall listening experience. The light 24-gram weight and patented design ensures the QT5s naturally fit the ear canal comfortably and securely so they are easy to wear on the go or for long periods of time. Coming with three sets of high-quality silicon ear tips, the QT5s fit most ear sizes to isolate external noise, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in their music.

The QT5s come equipped with a 3.5mm audio cable of 1.2 metres in length, which can be upgraded, to Bluetooth thanks to the 2-pin design. This allows users to connect Bluetooth adapters such as RevoNext’s own BO2 for those who do not have an audio jack or prefer a wire-free option. The QT5 earphones are available with or without an in-line microphone so they can easily be used to make or receive calls on the go if required. 

RevoNext’s current range of earphones have performed exceptionally well showing real value without compromise and the QT5 in-ear headphones are the latest model to continue to build this reputation.