Yamaha MC 20
Yamaha MC 20

We unboxed the speaker, read the manual, downloaded the app, plugged the Yamaha MusicCast 20 in, and played some old school club classics, it was like a wall of pure sound perfection engulfed the room. Yes, this is possibly the best speaker we have ever had the fortune of spending some time with.

The sound quality and balance is seriously spot-on, every note exceptionally clear, clean and concise. So, if you are into music sound quality and are looking for something to blow you away that is chic, stylish and perfectly formed sound-wise then the Yamaha MC-20 is 100% for you.

Yamaha MC 20

We can’t praise this piece of technology high enough; it really does offer a true unique sound quality, one that we can’t beat with any other speaker in the marketplace at the moment.

Explore a world of music with various music streaming services built-in. Syncing your playlists and song likes from your smart phone or computer to the MusicCast 20, music streaming services make it impossibly easy to either listen to your favourites or discover new music.

MusicCast 20 takes the headache out of multi-room audio. Simply connect all your MC 20 devices to the same network and start sharing audio throughout the home, in every room. Plus, with Alexa voice control integration, all you have to do is ask. The MusicCast 20 offers full compatibility with Amazon’s range of voice control devices.

The MusicCast 20 lets you connect the way you want to – wirelessly. Whether via Bluetooth® or over Wi-Fi with AirPlay®, the wireless connection makes it quick and easy to get the party started. And for all those home theatre buffs out there, the MusicCast 20 can be used at the back of the room, replacing the need for surround sound speakers.

If you’re a Yamaha fan, or own other Yamaha products then this will work with all other MusicCast products, even their grand pianos!

Priced at around £200 from various local electrical stores, music equipment shops, numerous retailers online, and from Amazon UK. Available in two colours including black or white.