gift of words

Books are one of those great gifts that keep on giving way past Christmas.

We read them, enjoy them, read them again, and then usually share them with others or give them away for the next reader to enjoy.

So what could be better than giving the gift of words this Christmas?

We’ve put together some great gifts for children and their parents in this little festive gift list.


For the youngsters, we are smitten with the collection of boxed gift sets published by Lincoln Children’s Books from Quarto for Kids titled Little People, BIG DREAMS.  The collection consists of Women in Art, and Women in Science with three books in each set, these books are filled with child friendly, beautifully illustrated stories of the history of some of the world’s most renowned women.

women in artLittle People, BIG DREAMS: Women in Art, written by Isabel Sanchez Vegara hosts three individual hardback books about three inspirational women from the world of art, including Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel, and Audrey Hepburn.

‘These remarkable true stories show how three women overcame hardship to achieve great success in the arts. Frida, despite having polio as a child and, later being injured in a road accident went on to become one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century. Coco spent her early life at an orphanage, where she was taught how to use a needle and thread. She followed her passion to make her name as a world-famous fashion designer and style icon. Audrey, after living through the hardships of World War Two, began acting in plays and films, eventually becoming an iconic Hollywood star. – Words taken from Quarto Knows website

Little People, BIG DREAMS: Women in Science, written by Isabel Sanchez Vegara offers three books about some of the worlds greatest scientific minds, including Ada Lovelace, Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie.

‘In these remarkable true stories, we learn how three women overcame hardship to achieve great success in science. Ada, women in sciencedespite growing up without a father and becoming very sick with measles as a child, went on to become the world’s first computer programmer. Amelia challenged conventional stereotypes, showing the world how brave and adventurous a woman could be by setting aviation records and undertaking dangerous flying missions. Marie Curie was unable to go to college because she was a woman, but became a renowned scientist and eventually won the Nobel Prize for Physics.’ – Words taken from Quarto Knows website

Priced at £25 per collection, available from


For the parents, we’re talking all things positive with POSITIVE DISCIPLINE For Today’s Busy (& Overwhelmed) Parent: How to Balance Work, Parenting & Self for Lasting Well-Being

London-based educators Joy Marchese and Kristina Bill worked with Jane Nelsen, the founder of the Positive Discipline Methodology program and co-author of the popular Positive Discipline series. They set out to develop a set of practices and skills for overstretched parents desperate to make life a little easier while understanding that raising well-adjusted, emotionally connective children is their most important job.

positive disciplineThe book, published by Harmony Books is packed with actionable tips to help parents work smarter – not harder – both at home and at work.

Built on the principles of the Nelsen’s highly regarded and successful methodology, the book presents the necessity of discipline while guiding parents to make the choices they have either never considered or never understood the value in. By discovering the underlying causes of misbehaviour busy parents will trade-in “helicoptering” or “tigering” for positive and educational methods of discipline designed to build confidence and a sense of responsibility in children.

Priced at £12.99, available from


For the family, we are thrilled to see a gift of annual membership to the British Library in London.

The annual membership scheme allows individuals to experience everything the Library has to offer, from five-star exhibitions to high-profile talks and events, alongside a wide range of other exciting benefits. Showcasing brilliant literary, historical, scientific and artistic works from all over the globe and every age of written civilisation, Europe’s largest library holds over 150 million items and boasts historical pieces dating back as far as 2000 BC.

With something for everyone, the British Library is home to Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, the world famed Magna Carta and more. By purchasing membership, visitors can also have access to unique exhibitions, and access to a range of special events.

Along with soaking up the fantastic culture and history presented at the Library, membership benefits also include access to the exclusive Members’ Room – which doubles up as a work space for those looking for an inspiring alternative office to work, relax and meet people in, as well as entry for Members and friends to the Knowledge Centre Bar.

Additionally, members can enjoy priority booking for the British Library’s exciting line up of talks and performances and are entitled to a 20% discount in the public restaurants, cafes and shops. Membership funds also help to provide the vital support that the British Library needs to be able to care for their amazing collections for generations to come.

Prices start at £80 for a single membership, available from