We are all about the kids these days here at H&N Magazine, and as it’s Summer we decided to think about everything that would go into revamping a kid’s bedroom.

We asked leading Yorkshire interior designer, Emma Gordon of Eyecandy Interior Design a few leading questions as we needed some ideas of how to make a kid’s bedroom look funky, fabulous, and a haven for playing, relaxing, sleeping, doing homework, and hosting potential sleepovers.

What is your number one piece of advice for a family before they embark on redecorating a kid’s bedroom?

Before you embark on redecorating a kids bedroom, the no.1 thing to think about is ‘How to make the design of the room last for  a good few years, so that they don’t grow out of it too quickly’. Think carefully about ‘theming’ the room too much as little ones are very fickle & however much they love Peppa Pig now, in six months time it will be Mermaids or Unicorns that they want!

If the bedroom is quite small, how can the space be maximised and utilised properly?

Childrens bedrooms are often quite small and clever design is key to making the best use of the space you have. Think about using Cabin Beds so they have room underneath for a desk or a sofa or even just room to play on a rug. Think about how they will use the room, do you need lots of storage for toys or is it more a relaxing space just to sleep in? Use the wall space, shelves, bookcases, TV’s on wall brackets etc.

What are the key elements needed to turn a child’s bedroom into both a fun and practical space?

The key elements to making a childrens room both fun & practical are thinking about the overall look & feel of the room. Do you want ‘Fun & Funky’ or ‘Calm & Serene’? Think about the colour scheme, we use a lot of fun wallpapers or wall murals in our childrens rooms but we don’t want them to be kept awake all night because they are too stimulating. Lighting is another important factor, dimmable lights are good as are night lights. Good storage is key so things can be tidied away at the end of the day before they go to bed. There are lots of great childrens rooms accessories out there now, hanging chairs, gaming chairs, teepees etc.

Should a theme, style, colour and budget be planned in advance?

It is always a good idea to have a theme, style and budget in mind before you start. When designing a childrens room we always take a design brief upfront from the client to find out what the childs interests are, colours they like, style you want to achieve, how the room is to be used, what storage is required etc. The more we can find out, the more chance we have of achieving your dream room!

What are the latest trends for kid’s bedrooms?

Key trends for childrens bedrooms in 2018 are:

Metallics – Brass & Rose Gold. Pick a key item like a bed to make a real statement.

Unicorns – This trend is huge all over the world! Go for smaller items such as duvet covers, pictures & soft toys.

Velvet – Decorative velvet throws, quilts and cushions are a few of the simplest ways to bring a little grandeur to a kids bedroom.

1950’s Glamour – Modernist style furniture is very popular with a nod to 1950’s Hollywood Glamour and the curved shape silhouettes. Look out for curved bedroom chairs & vintage style wooden table & chairs.

As an interior designer what do you enjoy most about designing a kid’s bedroom?

As an Interior Designer I love working on childrens rooms as you get a chance to push the boundaries and have some fun! There are always new & exciting products & ideas to explore.

If anyone were thinking of using an interior design what would you say?

If you were thinking of using an Interior Designer then I would say ‘go for it’! They will come up with ideas you would never even think of and help you achieve a bedroom that is unique to your child.

Thanks to Emma Gordon of Eyecandy Interior Design for answering our questions on how to redecorate a kids bedroom. Eyecandy Interior Design offer a ‘Childrens Room Design Package’ for £99+vat. See www.eyecandy-interiordesign.co.uk for more info.