maps for kids

Super Exciting Maps for Kids – Yes, you heard us right, we have found one of the coolest maps available in the UK right now, and they are aimed towards families and kids.

In a world where a map of anywhere in the world can be found at our finger tips via our mobile devices, this beautifully illustrated book of maps for kids, covers every corner of the UK and it really is a stunning piece of art too.

Super Exciting Maps for Kids – See the United Kingdom in a fresh new light this autumn.

These fully illustrated county maps for kids are wonderfully colourful. Travel to its four corners and learn about history old and new, from the spectacular, to the quirky, to the downright strange!

Kids will love these maps which are packed full of surprising information and are incredibly detailed, guaranteed to keep everyone in the family entertained for hours.

maps for kidsWritten and researched by Rachel Dixon and illustrated by Livi Gosling the book Maps of the United Kingdom covers all corners of our little island, from the uppermost coasts of Scotland, to the bottom of the British Isles, across to Northern Ireland and everything in the middle covered beautifully.

Rachel McAlley requested to see the Yorkshire county map to preview and she wasn’t disappointed.

The book is designed in two separate maps including North and East Yorkshire, and South and West Yorkshire. It encapsulates the vastness of the county, the history, the wealth of famous faces that originated from the region.

Maps of the UK will give you something as a family to look at and paw over (which doesn’t include the TV or handheld device), and more specifically, help a child understand the premise of a map, what it feels like to touch and hold a physical map, and of course what one is used for.

Priced at £16.99, available in hardback from Quarto Knows head straight for the kids section, published 4th October.