Once the Christmas feast is over, is there any better way to spend a couple of hours on Christmas Day than playing board games with your family and friends?

The playing of board games seems to be a tradition across the world, they have been played since the times of Ancient Egypt 3000 years ago, and the well-known Monopoly board game was first played in 1903, so it seems that we have been playing board games for plenty of years.

Today’s games have evolved into something fabulous, with games for the entire family to play together, and even with the invention of technology and all the games that can be played online, the traditional board game at Christmas is one that takes precedence over any handheld device.

We are loving a couple of games for Christmas 2018 which all the fam can play and enjoy, they include: Guinness World Record Challenges, and What’s That Smell™ from WowWee.

Guinness World Record Challenges

Family Board GamesThis game puts players knowledge about Guinness World Records to the test and challenges opponents to demonstrate some nifty record- breaking skills using everyday household items!

Players compete to answer some of the 600 Guinness World Record question cards, but the crux of the game is to complete the challenges, better than your opponents.

Cross the finish line with 3 challenge cards in your possession to be the winner!

600 Guinness World Record questions. 20 challenges in two formats. 2 – 5 players. Available at toy retailers, online and department stores for £24.99.

What’s That Smell™

The unique new game from WowWee where taking a sniff makes you a winner. Eagerly anticipated and already gaining fans, Family Board Gamesit’s the new the scratch & sniff party game that stinks! What’s that Smell is the first ever hilarious fragrant-guessing party game that opens up to a world of interesting whiffs. Guess the scents correctly to win or suffer the stinky consequences.

Includes 50+ Smells including 4 Stank Cards, tokens, cardholders, and score pad. Ages 13+/2-6 players.

Available now for around £24.99, retailers include Smyths, Argos,