Originating from sun-kissed California, the aptly named 31st State create all-natural grooming products designed with the specific needs of young men in mind. Cool, understated and fuss-free, there’s a lot to love about this new brand which is already breaking some serious waves on our shores.

Amazingly, there’s been little attempt to tap into the male teenage beauty market to date, which makes 31st State something of a revolutionary brand. The focus of the range is the complex nature of younger skin, which tends to be oilier and more prone to breakouts, but you don’t have to be a spring chicken to feel the mighty wrath of the dreaded zit.

My teenage years expired back in the 90’s (more 1999 than 1990 I might add), yet I still breakout on a regular basis, which I’ve been told is due to my love of late-night snacking. As I have no plans to stop stuffing my face with Hagen Dazs, M&M’s and other midnight munchies, I was keen to see what 31st State could do for my less-than-perfect complexion. Here’s how I go on with a selection of the brands hero products.

31st State Foaming Face Wash (RRP: £12.99) 150ml

31st State Foaming Face Wash

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With ingredients such as Manuka, Copper, Magnesium and Zinc, The Foaming Face Wash (RRP £12.99) is designed to dry out existing spots and prevent further breakouts. It also contains Tea Tree to help reduce redness and irritation.

I found the wash to be effective and felt problem areas saw an improvement, but this wash may be a little too strong for me to use twice daily. As I have combination skin, I suffer from both excess oil and dryness, so have found using this face wash 4-5 times per week is sufficient. With only a relatively small amount needed, the 150ml is well-priced and will last.

31ST State Spot Control Gel (RRP: £12.99) 15ml

31st state spot control gel review

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 Housed in a handy, pocket sized tube, the Spot Control Gel is perfect for taming breakouts whether you’re at home or on the go. Containing similar ingredients to the face wash, the gel also works hard to dry out zits and reduces oil considerably. It’s definitely the best zit-busting product I’ve used to date and seems to work best for me when applied before bed. Just watch out when dispensing the gel, as it comes out of the tube pretty rapidly and you only need a tiny amount.

 31st State Style and Shape Hair Putty (RRP: £8.99) 100ml

 31st State Hair Putty review

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Given 31st State’s collection is largely aimed at skin, I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how good their hair putty is. Lightweight and easy to use, it’s best applied to towel dried hair and is ideal for guys with medium to long cuts. I really liked this product, as within 30 minutes of leaving home, my hair had dried and was perfectly intact and with a nice matt finish. Just like everything else in the range, it’s cruelty-free and comes with only the faintest of scents.

Final verdict

31st State are a brand to watch and come recommended to anyone that needs to give their skin a little TLC. The packaging is cool but not flashy and the products themselves deliver on their promise. Their hair putty is far better than similar products I’ve paid almost twice the amount for and the brands ethical message feels natural rather than contrived. The only thing missing is an oil-free moisturiser, however I suspect that could be on the way. A big thumbs up.

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The 31st State products were supplied to Jordan Fletcher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are his. Follow him on Instagram for the latest grooming product reviews and more.