bluebeards revenge and razor pit

There was a time when Gillette really was the best a man could get, but thankfully we’re a little more spoilt for choice these days. From designer brands offering barbershop quality shaving gear to start-ups producing innovative gadgets designed to shave you a fortune (sorry about that one), never has there been a more exciting time to own a beard (or a bit of stubble/bum fluff).

Here’s a selection of our favourite shaving brands and some of the hero products you need on your bathroom shelf.


harrys Truman razor orange

There’s a few guys that offer premium razors and shaving gear online these days, but they are not all created equally. One brand (which I won’t name) literally pulled my face off with their supposedly high-quality blades, however Harry’s delivers on their promise. Not only does their handsome Truman razor look slick with its colourful, rubberised matte handle, but the German made blades are sharper than Einstein.

You can trial them out for £3.95, which gets you a razor and blade, shave gel and a travel blade cover. You must sign up to their shave plan (which can cost as little as £14 every 5 months), however this can be cancelled or paused at any time. A great brand who’ve avoided gimmicks (who needs batteries in their razor FFS?!) in favour of quality, value and impeccable service. Check out the Harry’s trial here.


razorpit review
Foto: Lasse Lagoni

Razorpit is the brand that companies such as Wilkinson Sword and Gillette don’t want you to know about. I bought one of their blade sharpeners around four years ago and I rarely ever need stock up on new ones. The product itself looks the business (the premium version can be wall-mounted in your shower) and seriously extends the life of your blades (you can get up to 150 shaves from one).

razorpit review
Foto: Lasse Lagoni

Razorpit is easy to use and takes about 10 seconds of your time after each shave. An essential purchase for every tight-fisted Yorkshireman, or indeed anyone that shaves, you can pick up their classic model for less than £9 right here or go for the swish all-singing-all-dancing version here – you’ll make your money back in no time.

Bluebeards Revenge

blluebeards revenge review

Whether you’re a salty old sea dog with a big, bushy beard or a preened pretty boy with neatly crafted designer stubble, The Bluebeards Revenge has got your back. Their collection of creams, straight razors, beard oils and hair products is vast, but the quality is consistently exceptional. The Bluebeards Shaving Cream is a personal favourite, with its fresh scent and fuss-free packaging.

bluebeards revenge shaving cream and post shave balm

It’s also reassuringly economical; a 100ml pot lasts for ages if you use their Doubloon Brush as you only need an almond sized amount per shave. Follow with the Post Shave Balm to alleviate irritation and remain fresh and moisturised all day long. Bluebeards also work closely with award-winning barber Tom Chapman, delivering sound grooming advice and raising awareness of men’s mental health.

tom chapman the lions barber collective

The Lion’s Barber Collective charity was set up by Chapman to encourage barbers around the world to allow their customers to open up about mental health without being judged. Check out them out if you want to get involved, donate or find out more about Tom’s story.

Ted’s Grooming Room

teds grooming rooms collection

You might not know it, but Ted Baker have around a dozen high-end grooming parlours for men dotted around London. Their barber services include the Tommy N’ Turkish, which is a traditional Turkish cut-throat shave that will leave you looking suave. Can’t justify going all the way to London for vanity?

ted baker teds grooming room cologne

The Ted’s Grooming Room collection features all the products you need to recreate the experience at home, including the awesome Shave Gel and Sour Cherry Moisturiser. Another highlight is Ted’s Cologne, which combines grapefruit, lemon, black pepper and leather to create a masculine scent that’s fresh yet traditional. Perfect post-shave, it’s a great cologne to rock on a night out too.


Words and photography by Jordan Fletcher (except Tom Chapman image supplied by Bluebeards Revenge and Razorpit images by Lasse Lagoni).

Follow Fletch on Instagram for the latest grooming products and foodie reviews. The Ted’s Grooming Rooms and Bluebeards Revenge products were supplied in exchange for an honest review. Harry’s and Razorpit were purchased by Fletch.