remington r8 shaver

Mens iconic US shaving brand Remington have always been ahead of the game when it comes to male grooming, and their brand new Ultimate Series collection of shavers and trimmers is testament to that.

Launched just in time for Christmas 2018, they make the perfect gift for any guy that takes his beard (or his stubble) seriously.

The new collection includes the supercool Heritage Foil, a retro-inspired shaver that tips its cap back to Remington’s 80-year legacy.

We checked out two more of the brand’s hero products from the new range – the R8 Ultimate Series Rotary Shaver and the Lithium Beard Barba trimmer. Here are our thoughts.

Remington Ultimate Series Rotary Shaver R8 (RRP: £99.99)

remington r8

The first thing that strikes you about the R8 is its slick modern design, combining black, red and blue to create a shaver that looks great on your bathroom shelf. The R8 comes with a handy travel pouch, as well as a charging stand.

However, there was certainly nothing about this piece of kit when it comes to performance. Featuring three multi-directional shave heads, the R8 tackles the contours of your face with ease, navigating the neck, cheekbones and jawline with no problem, thanks to the LiftLogic blades.

remington r8

The end result is a smooth shave that leaves your skin with little irritation. The Remington R8 is also 100% waterproof, so cleaning it post-shave is a breeze. The shaver boasts a 90-minute charge time, however, I only shave once a week so haven’t had time to test this as yet. There is also a 5-minute quick charge feature, which gives you enough power for one shave when you’re on the fly.

A slick premium shaver that performs as well as it looks.

Remington Lithium Beard Barba Trimmer (RRP: £39.99)

remington beard barba lithium

If like me, you prefer to rock a bit of designer stubble, then you’ll know how hard it can be to find a beard trimmer that yields results. The Beard Barba Lithium trimmer is a fuss-free piece of kit that’s designed to perfect everything from the aforementioned designer stubble to longer, hipster beard looks.

remington beard barba

Featuring no less than nine pre-set trim lengths, the great thing about the Barba is that it can be adjusted at the flick of a switch – no need to mess around with different heads here. I like my stubble short, and have found that setting no.1 offers a nice, even shave. I do have relatively sensitive skin, however, and find I do end up with a little razor rash afterwards, but this is nothing a bit of Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm can’t fix.

The Beard Barba is a cracking piece of kit and the lithium battery takes 4-hours to hit full charge, and will allegedly perform for up to 60-minutes.

Pick up select products from the men’s Remington collection from Boots or direct from Remington.

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