“You know Gentlemen, there is hell and there is another place below “H&L”!

From overcoats and 3 piece suits to peaked caps, Peaky Blinders has taken the Fashion world by storm, and if you want to get the look, let us cut you a smile and let you walk out in style!

H&L Fashions are a forward thinking, exciting  clothing boutique at the top of the Main Street in Haworth, in the heart of the beautiful Bronte Country.
We are an independent Boutique offering an exciting, and “Not on The High Street” shopping experience. We personally hand pick all our items, selecting the season’s “Must Haves” at affordable prices everyone can enjoy!

Our suits” aren’t on the house” but you can get the complete look at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.  All the suits you can mix & match and buy items separately along with accessories, from a large selection of peaked caps to pocket watches, dickie bows, braces and shirt armbands.  These suits are ideal for weddings and can be worn separately afterwards for a more casual look. Our tweed look waistcoats are stylish, lightweight and practical which make them ideal for a night out and also on trend as bar uniforms, they make the perfect staff attire.

And Ladies “Why should the boys have all the fun?”  Whether you’re stepping out to a Peaky Blinders bar which are becoming more and more popular or a themed event you too can look Tinker-licious! Here at H&L Fashions we are a close team, “always within punching distance!” we will go all out to get you the look to suit you.



T 07733 263641 100    MAIN STREET, HAWORTH BD22 8DP