men-u grooming review

Whether you’ve fallen off the ‘new year, new me’ wagon hard, or are simply feeling the effects of the harsh winter weather, there’s no time like the present to re-evaluate your skincare routine. 

The Men-U grooming range is designed to detox and perfect your precious face, and their highly-concentrated and eco-friendly range will also last a lot longer than your average skincare brand too.

I was sent a selection of their latest skin and hair products to road test, and had high hopes having been impressed with their Healthy Facial Wash and Muscle Fibre in the past. Here’s how I got on.

Men-U 3 Minute D-Tox 100ml (£17.45)

Men-U 3 Minute D-Tox

First up is the 3 Minute D-Tox, which is a deep cleansing facial mask that promises to swiftly absorb excess oil and impurities for a clearer complexion. It does this using a blend of ingredients including witch hazel, kaolin clay and zinc oxide, and is suitable for all skin types.

The first time I tried this product out, I left it on for 15 minutes as I have combination skin that’s prone to oil. A little goes a long way here, and whilst I’m not sure I will get 40 applications from it as the packaging states, it will certainly last a lot longer than most masks. After removing the mask in the shower, my skin was indeed visibly brighter and smooth to the touch.

I used it again a week later just before a night out, but this time left the mask on for just 3 minutes. The results were more or less the same, making this mask an excellent choice for those that don’t like fuss.  

Men-U Skin Refresh Gel 100ml (£15.95)

Men-U Skin Refresh Gel

Skin toner is one of those products often ignored by blokes, and I am no different. This Skin Refresh Gel is proof that perhaps guys should work toning gels into their routine, especially if your prone to excess oil like myself.

The gel is super concentrated, and so you only need a small amount to get the desired effect. The gel is quite sticky in consistency, but the salicylic acid and witch hazel combo work wonders on smoothing out the skin, especially when followed with a decent moisturiser. Perfect for use first thing when you have a long day ahead, this stuff is great to help keep greasy skin at bay.

Men-U Facial Moisturiser Lift 100ml (£15.95)

Men-U Facial Moisturiser Lift

Next up we have the Men-U Facial Lift, which is an ingenious little product that acts as both a post-shave soother and a daily moisturiser. Non-greasy and packed with mint and menthol, it quickly soothes razor burn and wakes you up in the morning with its light, tingling sensation.

This fast absorbing cream can apparently last for up to 165 applications, although my skin seemed to drink it up and therefore, I tend to use a good two or three pumps of the applicator. This one has turned out to be a personal favourite of mine, and one that I use at least once per day.

Like so many products from the Men-U range, Facial Lift comes in a refillable applicator bottle, making it more environmentally sound.

Men-U Liquifflex 100ml (£16.95)

Men-U Liquifflex

Last but not least, we switch to haircare with Men-U Liquifflex. This weightless gel is designed to add body and texture to hair, and is best applied to damp hair. This product works well for me when I’ve just had a fresh haircut, and need something for a light hold. It does give a medium hold, which can be reworked throughout the day if you so wish.

As I have thick hair that grows pretty rapidly, Liquifflex isn’t as effective on my hair around 7-10 days after a trip to the barbers, as my unruly locks need something a little stronger. If your hair is thinner, or more manageable than mine, then you should be able to use this stuff on a more regular basis. A solid haircare product, albeit probably best suited to those with thinner hair.

So, there you have it. Men-U deliver effective, moderately priced grooming products that offer value for money given their results and extended shelf life. A strong recommend from me, and a brand that I will definitely be exploring further.

Word and photography by Jordan Fletcher.