At Love Golf Memberships we have the perfect golf package for you. Bringing Lower Cost, Greater Flexibility and More Choice…

Memberships – Turning tradition on its head with flexible golf memberships and membership packages for the modern golfer; at Love Golf Memberships, they understand that every golfer is different. While they all share a passion for the game, not everyone has a lifestyle which fits in with a traditional golf club membership and their company was created to give people more ways to enjoy the game they love. Their aim is to bring flexibility, convenience and affordability to golf in a way which benefits both the clubs and the players.

Director Chris Clarke told us, “We have found a way to make golf memberships work better for everyone. Our members choose from four great value packages to find one which suits them best. We’re confident that if you love golf, you’ll love – Love Golf Memberships.

We’ve spent time talking to golfers to find out what they really want. Many golfers told us they simply didn’t have the time to make the most of a full annual membership, whilst others didn’t want to be tied to always playing on the same course. We also discovered families want an affordable way to share their love of golf together. Our packages are designed to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses so they can concentrate on playing the sport they love.”

The idea is simple; pick a great value membership package to suit you by choosing from the four exciting packages offered through the Love Golf Memberships, flexible and affordable membership packages. Whether you don’t want to be tied to one course, have limited time to play, want to play as a family or you’re looking for a corporate deal, there is the perfect package for you.

You can stay close to home or play the field by choosing from a carefully selected network of high quality golf courses in locations throughout the UK. No one wants to be tied into an expensive club membership they hardly use and for that reason, packages are designed to meet the needs of modern golfers and offer fantastic value for money. Explore all the golf clubs in your area so you can find the courses which are right for you. You can get started right away and start enjoying the benefits today.

The multi-course membership – Why commit yourself to just one golf course? You can play up to 60 rounds of golf per year and include up to four courses of your choice. Traditional golf memberships encourage you to put all of your balls in one basket. This multi-course option is different – you get the freedom of playing at more than one golf club for one affordable annual fee.

The flexible membership – If your lifestyle is just too busy to make the most of a traditional golf club membership, this flexible option is perfect for you. You pay a third of your chosen club’s annual fee. You then pay a third of the course green fees each time you play so you can tee off as little or as often as you like. Still getting great value golf.

The family membership – At Love Golf Memberships, they believe golf can be enjoyed by every one of all ages. The family package allows you to spend quality time playing the game you love at a price you can afford. With this family membership, adults are charged 80% of the normal membership fees and up to two juniors can join free of charge.

The corporate membership – Golf courses are a great place to do business so the corporate package offers your organisation the choice and flexibility it needs. Your company’s membership will include 42 tee times at two or three courses of your choice.  Love Golf Memberships can also organise corporate golf days – just let them know your needs and let them handle the rest.

The benefits – There are many additional benefits to a Love Golf Membership which have been carefully thought out to perfectly appeal to everyone. Benefits include; The ability to gain and retain a handicap, opportunity to take part in club tournaments and also many other selected member discounts.

Your dream golf membership is just a click away with Love Golf Memberships!

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