Kalme Undercoat

Razor burn and post-shave irritation can be a real problem for me at times, especially during the colder months.

Kalme Undercoat is a unisex, desensitising moisturiser that aims to fix this common issue by reducing inflammation and making the skin less prone to itching and discomfort.

As the name suggests, Kalme Undercoat is intended to be used as an undercoat for other products, but can also be used as a standalone moisturiser.

I’ve been using the product for a couple of weeks now and have found that it does indeed soothe the skin and reduce redness after shaving.

Unlike your average aftershave balm, however, there is no stinging sensation immediately after the product is applied. This is all apparently down to a tetrapeptide ingredient called Skinasensyl, which has been dermatologically tested to reduce the nerve response to external irritants by reducing the release of pro-inflammatory neuromediators in the skin.

Kalme Undercoat

The instructions advise you to apply the cream immediately after washing or shaving, and wait 15 minutes before applying other products. This can be a bit of a hassle if your grooming regime tends to be fast and fuss free, but the results make it worth the wait.

The cream does take a few minutes to be absorbed by your skin, but once this is done, you are left with a smooth, non-oily finish. As the people behind this cream claim, the product does work well as a standalone moisturiser, and only those with dry or combination skin will really need to apply an additional cream over the top.

As I have oily/dry combination skin, I have at times applied another cream over the top, and found it works really well with Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. I would definitely recommend this to guys who suffer from razor burn. Kalme Undercoat is also apparently just as effective at prepping ladies skin for make-up.

It’s also worth noting that Kalme is scent-free, vegan friendly, contains no parabens, and isn’t tested on animals. The cream comes in a 75ml tube and is available for £9.95 from Skin Shop. A strong recommend from me, this stuff has taken a permanent spot on my bathroom shelf.

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