Most publications would celebrate their 100th edition with a lavish party of some sort, but Chap Magazine decided to do things a little differently. As their milestone edition coincided with their 20th year in business, they went all out and launched a fragrance that goes by the name of Flâneur.

According to its creators, a flâneur is the French word for ‘’A chap who strolls about with no purpose in mind other than to find himself or simply intrigue. If you want something to douse yourself in while sauntering about the old quarter of a city in search of adventure, flaneur will be just the ticket.”

So, what’s it actually like then?

In keeping in-line with the magazine’s vintage appeal and extroverted target audience, the scent is based on the classic male fragrances typical of the early 20th century. Boasting a masculine base of amber, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla, middle notes violet, iris, geranium and rose nod towards a slightly more feminine side, while top notes of bergamot, verbena and pink pepper finish off this unique scent.

The overall result is an unusual cologne that starts off quite sweet, before settling with an appealing, and more masculine finish. A refined casual scent that can work across all seasons, Flâneur is presented in a charming absinthe green bottle and presentation box, which instantly adds a touch of class to your bathroom shelf. Well worth seeking out, and reasonably priced at just £35.99 for 50ml.