Gillette Limited Edition Chrome Razor Stand

Having been around since 1901, it’s fair to say Gillette now a thing or two about shaving innovation.

Having released many incarnations of the classic safety razor over the decades, their latest release is possibly my favourite.

The Limited-Edition Chrome range has done away with the fuss associated with the classic design, in favour of a sleeker, more streamlined finish.

Throw the sturdy, heavyweight razor stand that comes with the set into the mix and you’ve got a stylish piece of kit that looks great on your bathroom shelf.

Gillette Mach 3 Limited Edition Chrome Razor Stand

I tried out the Mach 3 version (£17.99), which I prefer due to its sheer simplicity. As well as giving you a decent shave, the chrome edition is nicer to handle than previous models and features a rubber grip to prevent slipping.

If you usually go for more blades and are a sucker for the gimmickier Gillette razors, then the Fusion 5 Proglide edition (£19.99) will be more up your street with its FlexBall Technology.

So, it’s a resounding thumbs-up for Gillette’s latest release. The new Razor Stand is a nice addition to the collection and feels premium enough to make the hiked-up price-tag worth paying.

The Gillette Limited Edition range is available exclusively at Boots.