bluebeards revenge aftershave
Barbershop favourites The Bluebeards Revenge have always had a knack for stepping up the men’s grooming game a notch, releasing cutting-edge products on a regular basis. When they sent us a mixture of both new and classic products to road test, we were more than happy to give them a blast.

First up was their brand-new hair tonics, which first dropped back in summer. Available in both signature Bluebeard scent and Cuban Blend, these tonics aim to tame unruly locks and leave your hair shiny, smelling good and prepped for styling (or ready to go if you’re not a fan of gels, clays and pomades).

Inspired by traditional barbershop hair tonics, these scented solutions are vegan-friendly and oil-free, allowing them to provide a lightweight hold that washes out easily.

bluebeardfs revenge hair tonic

They also promise to condition the scalp and provide heat protection when sprayed on damp hair, which is great if you’re one of those tragic posers that uses hair straighteners to tame your precious locks.

My hair is almost always unruly after washing, and I did find both tonics worked well to leave it more manageable for styling. Scent wise, I really liked both, but would have to go for the classic scent if I was to choose one.

But, that’s not to say that the Cuban Blend doesn’t have its charms. In fact, the strong, spicy scent is not dissimilar to a fiery rum cocktail, which makes this blend better suited to evening wear, especially when teamed with your favourite aftershave (the iconic Creed Aventus works well).

On the subject of aftershave, Bluebeards were also kind enough to send us a bottle of their signature fragrance, which utilises the classic scent that’s so prevalent in many of their hair and shaving products. With a distinctive fresh blend of basil, bergamot, jasmine and black tea, it’s perfect for daywear. The only downside to the cologne is that it’s not especially long lasting, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a night on the tiles.

The Bluebeards collection is available online only, with regular discounts and special offers when you sign up to their mailing list.