With the end of summer comes the beginning of colder and harsher weather which takes a toll on the condition of our skin.

The autumn and winter months are therefore the perfect time for men to adopt a daily skin ritual to protect and care for their visual front line against these changing conditions.

Lloyd Hughes, Creative Director and multi-salon owner at men-ü notes that “the best advice we can offer to guys during the autumn and winter months is to develop their daily shave and facial routine”. Lloyd advises that men “exfoliate, cleanse, tone and condition / moisturise the skin daily”, especially during this time of the year.

For Exfoliating/Shaving

Men-ü Shave Crème £11.95

A good shave is not only about creating a smooth surface but provides excellent exfoliation of the skin. The razor, acting as an exfoliator, removes layers of dead skin cells to help achieve healthy, glowing skin. This also works to prevent breakouts as dead skin cells, along with built up oils, can block pores. Working alongside the razor, the men-ü Shave Crème contains the ingredient dimethicone to provide the optimum slip so that the razor can glide over the skin, causing the least amount of irritation. Selecting the right shave crème is imperative to protecting the skin from dryness, spots or shaving rash.

For Toning

Men-ü Matt ‘Skin Refresh’ Gel £15.95

Lloyd advises that “the need for a toner type product is more important for men because of their more active sebaceous glands”. In the autumn and winter months, sitting at home or at the office with the central heating on only exacerbates this problem. To combat this, men-ü created the Matt ‘Skin Refresh’ Gel, which is both anti-shine and fragrance free. Natural salicylic acid and witch hazel work to remove and control excess oils that contribute to blocked pores and breakouts. This toning gel also soothes and calms skin after shaving, helping to overcome ingrown hairs.

For Moisturising

Men-ü Matt Moisturiser £15.95

The Matt Moisturiser is both oil and fragrance free with sebum absorbers that help to combat greasy skin. While the absorbers ensure a matt finish, Vitamin E works to tackle free radicals that age the skin by attacking collagen and reducing elasticity. This product is great for daily use and can also be used overnight to ensure skin is hydrated, refreshed, matt and smooth. 

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