Below the Belt Grooming review

Men today see nothing wrong with preening their face, beard or hair with various creams, waxes, lotions and potions, and so it was only a matter of time before a brand decided to focus on the old crown jewels. Yes, Below the Belt Grooming have created a range specifically to cater for your nuts, and I tested then out to find out if they really are the dogs bollocks.

Designed to make things more comfortable in the groin area when playing sport, hitting the gym or partying at festivals, the ballsy brand is also doing their bit to support Prostate Cancer UK. In fact, 20p from each purchase you make goes to the charity, to help find a cure for the disease which effects 1 in 8 of all men throughout their lifetime and an alarming 1 in 4 black guys.

So, what are the products like? Active Fresh and Dry Balls is a gel to be applied after showering to keep your precious bits, well, fresh and dry. With a clean, anti-perspirant type smell, this stuff is effective and does deliver on its promise.

fresh and dry balls below the belt

Fresh Instant Clean Balls is a handy spray anti-perspirant designed for instant relief. Easy to apply, it has a minty smell and the initial effect is an intense tingling sensation, which any guy that’s showered using Mint Source shower gel will know all about.

instant clean balls below the belt

By far my personal favourite, this stuff is compact enough to be taken to weekend festivals, where let’s be honest, things can get a little unpleasant after 48 hours or more.

below the belt sports lubricant

The Sports Lubricant is aimed at active sportsmen who want to avoid chafing, and therefore least suited to me, especially given that the only time I ever scored in footy, it was an own goal. Housed in a little green tub, it looks similar to hair wax and has a light, pleasant scent, and just a small amount is required to cover the inner thigh and rest of the groin area.

Final verdict:

Aimed at active guys who may already be using talc or other sports lubricants, Below the Belt is a forward-thinking brand that serves a purpose. So, whether you’re sports mad and want to remain comfortable whilst you focus on your game, or a notorious Casanova whose always on the prowl, then Below the Belt will help ensure the party in your pants is a pleasant experience for all invitees.

Below the Belt Grooming is available online at Boots now.