Whitelock’s and Turk’s Head bring back their annual beer festival to Turk’s Head Yard for the fifth time this July! 

This year they’ll bring all sorts of diverse, interesting and exclusive beers from the UK’s South West – from Bristol to Bath, Cheltenham to Cornwall – to Turk’s Head Yard, just off Briggate, 25th-28th July.

Nip straight to the Yard’s Info Station when the festival opens up (from 11am, Thursday through Sunday) to get into the festival spirit. For £5, you’ll get yourself a Festival glass, a programme, and a half of any beer. Bargain! Then head to the bar to sample some of the 50 different and delicious South West-inspired brews on offer.

Exclusive Rare Brews

With 28 beers pouring at any given time through the festival, you’ll find 9 cask and 5 keg at Whitelock’s, and 11 keg and 2 cask at Turk’s Head. There will be a mammoth 50 different beers to get through between Thursday and Sunday – and when they’re gone, they’re gone! 

South West Fest will be offering up very special, incredibly rare brews from some of the biggest names in UK beer right now, from Verdant to Deya to Left Handed Giant. That’s alongside upcoming brewers Stannary and New Lion, offering up beers that are rarely seen in this part of the country.

Yonder Brewing & Blending’s wild and foraged beers will bring definite summer vibes. From Wells in Somerset, Yonder’s witbier features summer honey and foraged meadow flowers, their Belgian pale features Somerset lavender, their Saison is flavoured with the coconutty scent of gorse, and their lager? Dandelions and nettles.

Deya Brewing only brew a cask once a year, so this is an amazing opportunity to try their hard-to-get Put the Kettle On! Wiper and True will be putting their Milk Shake stout into cask especially for the festival, and Mills Brewing’s highly sought-after, naturally fermented beers will be available in sharing bottles.

There will be a festival-themed menu of food in the Yard, some specials, and some soon-to-be-announced pop-up foodies on site too.