What Regional Foods Should You Taste on a UK Family Getaway?

Exploring the UK on holiday isn’t just about seeing the sights and visiting attractions, it’s also the perfect opportunity to taste some local delicacies. British food generally gets a bad rap, especially when compared to other national cuisine. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some tasty foods to sample on your travels around the UK.

Savoury or sweet, there are plenty of regional specialities that any family visiting the area on a UK family getaway should try at least once. Read on to discover just a few of the foods that are a must-try on family getaways UK.

Haggis – Scotland

Starting off slightly controversial, haggis is undeniably one of the dishes that screams Scotland. It’s an acquired taste, since the filling is traditionally cooked in a sheep’s stomach and features a mix of minced heart, liver and lungs. You can see why it’s not for the faint of heart!

But it wouldn’t be such a long-lived staple of Scottish cuisine if there wasn’t something to it. Sample some haggis as part of a traditional dinner alongside mashed potatoes and turnips, or try a more modern take on the dish.

Whether you can stomach it or not, haggis is one of those foods that give bragging rights to anyone who does try it.

Bakewell Pudding – Derbyshire

For a sweeter option, the Bakewell pudding is sure to be a hit with any dessert lovers in the family. Named after the pretty town of Bakewell in Derbyshire, the pudding features a crisp pastry shell that’s filled with a layer of raspberry jam and then topped with an almond-flavoured filling.

You might know it as a pie or tart but in Bakewell, it’s definitely a pudding. Any visitors to the town just have to try a taste of the authentic Bakewell puddling at one of its various cafes and bakeries.

Feel free to debate amongst the family on your next family getaway, whether you prefer it warm with a good dollop of cream or chilled with a sizeable scoop of ice cream.

Cornish Pasty – Cornwall

The iconic Cornish pasty is serious business in Cornwall. You can’t walk down a town street without passing a bakery that has a variety of the bellowed pasties on sale, so you’ve got no excuse not to try one while you’re there.

The classic pasty has a very specific ratio of filling, balancing beef with potato, onion and swede, but these days there are countless variations out there. You can get pasties filled with chicken tikka, spinach and cheese or completely vegan versions.

Once the staple meal of the tin miners who made the county’s fortune, the Cornish pasty is now one of the most recognisable icons of the region.

Welsh Cakes – Wales

Back on a sweeter note, Welsh cakes are a favourite of families throughout the so-called country of castles. Small, buttery cakes which are studded with either currants or raisins and then lightly spiced, they smell and taste delightful.

Traditionally, Welsh cakes are cooked until golden brown on a griddle and then served warm, dusted with sugar for the sweet tooths or buttered for those who want a slightly more savoury note.

You don’t need to find a griddle to try them, as plenty of bakeries, markets and cafes throughout Wales sell this particular delicacy. But it does make for a great family activity to try your hand at making a few yourselves.

Even if haggis isn’t up your alley, there are so many different regional foods around the UK to give a try. No matter where you’re headed on your next family getaway, make sure that you take the opportunity to taste at least one of the local delicacies.

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