yoi fried chicken leeds

As 2019 passes us by at breakneck speed, it’s already that time again. Yup, Trinity Kitchen have got some cool new kids in the house, and so we checked in to check them out. The latest line-up of vendors is as diverse as ever, and includes Asian fried chicken, mega hotdogs, lush strawberry tarts and good old fashioned fish and chips.

The first place that caught my eye was Yoi Fried Chicken. Regular readers of H&N may already know that I’m a sucker for the stuff, but I also happen to love Asian food too. Combining the two sounds like a dream on paper to me, and thankfully these guys did not disappoint.

Photo by Paul Conboy

Brought to you from the same team behind the brilliant Tikks Thai Kitchen, Yoi mix flavours from Thailand, Korea and Japan to bring you some inspired fried chicken creations. Despite clocking a couple of my fellow supper club members chowing down on the tasty looking Thai Satay and Japanese Katsu Burgers, I decided to kill two birds with one stone with the Yoi Loaded Fries.

Photo by Paul Conboy

These seasoned skin-on fries are garnished with crispy chicken thigh, sriracha mayo, sweet chilli sauce, pickles, chillies and more, creating a flavour bomb that detonates as soon as it hits your taste buds. Awesome stuff, and a dish that I have already returned to devour again since I might add.

Photo by Paul Conboy

Another hot pick worth coming back for are The Funky Duck. As the name suggests, they specialise in serving up a bit of Donald and Daffy and they do it with style. Their infamous Duck Fat Potatoes are worth a visit alone, and even better when loaded with their succulent crispy duck and Hoi Sin Sauce.

Photo by Fletch

Sadly, the other vendors had sold out and were shutting up shop when I went back in for round two. They include Simply Strawberries, who do the most Insta-friendly strawberry tarts. Using the plumpest British strawberries you’ve ever seen, they come topped with enough Belgian chocolate and fresh cream to make a fat kid drool.

Photo by Paul Conboy

Over at Yard Dog, size matters when it comes to their lip-smacking dogs. Their super-sized sausages come topped with everything from candied bacon to cheese and chili con carne. And yes, they do a plant-based dog for vegan massive too.

As you might expect, CMG Fish and Chips serve up the classic seaside staple and are famed for their soft, fluffy batter. If you want to spice it up a bit, then their Red Thai fish will give you the kick you’re looking for.

The latest vendors will be residing in Trinity Kitchen until the end of July, so make sure you hit them up.

Trinity Kitchen, 27 Albion Street, Leeds. LS1 5ER.