With the changing season comes a host of new vendors at Trinity Kitchen, with a diverse mix of newcomers and old favourites. Dim sum, Thai, steak and burgers are all in check, alongside a cracking self-serve wall of beer and a pair of shuffleboards for the gamers.

I was personally pleased to see Tikk’s Thai Kitchen return. Having eaten their Thai fused with fast on many occasions, I’m yet to have a bad dish from them. Their signature Crispy Fried Chicken with Sriracha Mayo and Fries is always a winner with its juicy boneless thighs and fiery topping. All served up by the infectious Tikk, this is how street food should be done. This dude can cook.

Meanwhile, the award-winning Dim Sum Su brings her unique take on Chinese cuisine, which has fast become another big hitter judging by the long queue. We chowed down on her skin on salt and pepper fries, which pay homage to the takeaway classic Brits love and come doused in a rich curry sauce.

Longhorn Steak specialise in steak sandwiches blessed with everything from blue cheese to chorizo, brie and chipotle. And, whilst I personally prefer my steak cut in thicker, chunkier slices, the Blue Cheese sandwich was pretty darn tasty.

Also new in town are Sela Bar, who are serving up juicy burgers and El Kouzina with their hearty French Algerian inspired comfort food. The brand-new Wall of Beer comes to Trinity courtesy of Beer Hawk, and allows diners to pour their own pint using a built-in chip and pin machine for payment. Ingenious.

Trinity Kitchen, 27 Albion Street, Leeds, LS1 5ER.