Melitta® UK launches its latest kitchen gadget – the Melitta® Cremio®  – meticulously designed to prepare perfect Frothy Coffee – creamy and fine milk froth at the touch of a button.

Boasting an added NEW feature, the CoolTouch ensures that the surface of the Cremio® can be touched at any time. Complete with the ergonomical grip, non-stick coating covering the milk container and integrated heating device designed to evenly heat up the milk and prevent burning, makes this a must have for all ‘at home’ baristas.

Whether latte macchiato or cappuccino – with the Cremio® you can make wonderful fine-pored, warm frothed milk for coffee specialities just like from your favourite Italian cafe. Or make cold frothed milk to add to desserts as a light alternative to cream. Milk and cocoa fans will also love the Cremio® for heating milk in an instant without burning it.

This cordless, 360° base station device also includes a Lift Switch-off allowing the frother to turn itself off as soon as it is removed from its base.

With three attachments for different coffee specialities, the Cremio® achieves the optimum milk froth required whether it’s soya, lactose free or skimmed milk.

To coincide with the launch, Melitta® has created a selection of Cremio® inspired recipes including: hot chocolate, unicorn milk, kurkuma latte, smurf latte and matcha latte.

Would you like to discover the variety of different coffee specialities? Try our delicious Cremio®recipes! 

 Available in Black (RRP: £79.99) and Stainless Steel (RRP: £84.99), Melitta® Cremio® retailers include Amazon, AO and Currys.