knaves kitchen

Leeds based vegan junk fiends Knave’s Kitchen are barely a year old, but they’ve already made waves on the local foodie scene. Located in legendary dive bar Oporto, these guys impressed us last year with food that’s far dirtier than vegan food has any right to be.

Their success has led to appearances at Halifax’s Chow Down festival and Vegan North at North Brew Co. They recently unleashed their new menu, which has been pimped up to include a handful of exciting newcomers, and slightly tweaked versions of their bestselling classics.

We clocked in on a Saturday lunchtime to check out some of the new food on offer, and perused the menu over a pint of Oporto’s refreshing home brew, Cowbell. Having loved the faux Mill Hill Kebab on my last visit, I resisted the temptation to try the updated version in favour of the CFC (Corn flake-battered ‘chicken’ goujons).


Made with seitan (which is the very best alternative to chicken in my humble opinion), this tasty snack comes with Brazilian slaw and a chive ranch dressing, served up in a toasted flour tortilla. Delicious.

Mac Fries

And, while I couldn’t commit to permanently swapping out my original recipe KFC hangover fix in favour of seitan, this is still top-drawer grub that anyone can enjoy. It’s also worth noting that the skinny fries at Knaves are worth dropping in for alone. Perfectly crisp, the Colonel and the rest of the fast food giants really should take note here.

Jerk and Palm

Elsewhere on the new menu, the Mac Fries are a meal in their own right and come smothered in cheesy sauce, chillies, pickles, crispy onion and sesame seeds. Love a bit of jerk? The Jerk and Palm mixes jerked jackfruit with a creamy Jamaican curry, and is topped with a crispy plantain skewer.

Well worth checking out, beer lovers might also want to take a look at their Stone Brewing team up this coming Saturday (20th April). The second Stone and Starving supper-club event in the past year, expect moreish vegan junk food paired with fine Californian ales, for an evening of pure stoner paradise.

Reviewed by Fletch.

Knaves Kitchen, Oporto Bar, 31 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BT.