Jakes Bar cocktails

The saturated cocktail game is a tough old business in 2019, and Leeds is no exception. But if anyone can step it up at notch, it’s Call Lane stalwarts Jake’s Bar. Having knocked out an impressive mix of crowd-pleasing classics and bespoke pours since 2004 (yes, this joint is 15 years old we kid you not), they have managed to remain one step ahead of their peers with constant reinvention.

Hello Sailor…

They recently dropped their most Gram-worthy menu to date, and so it was only natural that we dropped down their hallowed stairs to see if their latest collection could live up to the hype. Created exclusively by their most loyal and longstanding bartenders, these premium tipples are brimming with character.

Sparkling Sazerac

As my go-to cocktail is an Old Fashioned, our bartender recommended the Sparkling Sazerac, which blends Pierre Ferrand Cognac with green Chartreuse, Martini Rubino, bitters and sparkling vermouth. Finished with a Champagne ice block, this is a drink that like their cocktails deep, dark and rich.

Pisco Inferno

My plus one for the evening was clearly feeling fruity, and was not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side with the Pisco Inferno. This pretty in pink cocktail blends Pisco with barrel-aged vermouth, cranberry cordial, peach liqueur and citrus, creating a zesty flavour-bomb.

How You Dough’ing?

Next came a dessert cocktail to end them all, the creamy How You Dough’ing. Inspired by Friends legend Joey Tribbiani, this blend of Gentleman Jack bourbon whisky, cookie dough-infused coffee and condensed milk is garnished with a Maryland cookie, making it the perfect pour for those that refuse to grow up. And, while this recipe is too sweet to warrant a second round, it edged it slightly to become my personal favourite.

But, with the likes of the Dirty Little Pornstar and the boozy Ad and Dec to try, you can bet that H&N will be returning for another round of Jake’s new menu sooner rather than later.

Reviewed by Fletch.

Jake’s Bar, 27 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BT.