villa maria leeds social media

Villa Maria shines a light on Leeds’ favourite forms of communication in relationships, workplaces, family and technology

We spend a lot of our days in conversation with one another, but have you ever stopped to think about exactly how you chit-chat? If you’re from Leeds, it turns out you have some stand-out traits!

  • Leeds’ residents spend the longest time on social media of all UK cities, weighing in at 2.3 hours per day against the average 1.98 hours per day.
  • In a boring conversation, the people of Leeds can hold their attention span for an average of 4.79 minutes before 28% change the subject and 17.5% escape to the bathroom.
  • If you’re looking to find love online, Leeds is the destination with the highest number of people meeting their partner through social media.
  • Make sure you’re listening and curb your urge to bring the conversation back to you, as Leeds residents’ biggest conversational pet peeve is being interrupted.
  • Whilst a third of Leeds workers consider their colleagues as friends, 1 in 5 would like to socialise more.

From life changing news, meaningful heart to hearts and inspiring advice, conversation has a monumental impact on people across the UK. Villa Maria, the award-winning New Zealand winery, has commissioned a nationwide survey with Opinion Matters to find out just how Brits like to communicate with loved ones, work colleagues or through technology, and what makes conversation so special.

Angela Lewis, Brand Ambassador at Villa Maria, explains: “The research we have undertaken shows that there is a real difference between how people communicate in different areas of their lives and that these differences can vary quite dramatically depending on where you live.

Conversation has played a significant role in Villa Maria’s history, including coming up with the name Villa Maria, which our founder, George Fistonich did one night in 1961 with a group of friends. We know many great moments happen when people come together and chat over a glass of wine, and we want to encourage others to do so more often!”