JPJ Lowland Rum: Rebellious new brand is class in a glass

With summer finally in full flow, we couldn’t think of a better time to discover a new rum. Lucky for us then, that a bottle of John Paul Jones Lowland Rum (or JPJ) landed just in time for the much-needed bank holiday heatwave and subsequent barbecue. Finally some good news.

Inspired by the legendary Scotsman and Naval Commander (not the bloke from Led Zeppelin), JPJ is a sophisticated flavoured rum that can hold its own either on the rocks, or mixed into your favourite cocktail. 

The brainchild of Ollie Blackett, who grew up on the estate where John Paul Jones was born, JPJ was created with the sole purpose of taking flavoured rum in a new direction. Frustrated with the way good quality rum is so often wasted in overly sweet punch and cheap cocktails, Ollie and his team wanted to challenge perceptions of the age-old tipple. 

And, if their first batch of JPJ is anything to go by, then they are well on their way to accomplishing their mission. According to their website, the rum is aged in charred oak with Arbigland sourced seaweed and lightly spiced with ginger and black peppercorns, which creates notes of maritime saltiness, vanilla, butterscotch and a light smoky finish. 

Sampling JPJ on the rocks, we definitely picked up notes of smoke and spice, rounded off with a subtle sweetness that helped make this rum so darn moreish. Next, we cracked open the fiery ginger beer, sliced up some limes and enjoyed a deliciously spicy Dark and Stormy which showcased the complex flavours of JPJ.

We predict big things for this rebellious, swashbuckling brand and highly recommend seeking out a bottle. As well as scoring high on taste, JPJ comes in a rather handsome, 100% recyclable and zero plastic bottle that will stand proud in anyone’s liquor collection. 

JPJ Lowland Rum is available for £38 (with free P&P) online here. Follow JPJ on Instagram and Facebook for news and cocktail inspiration. 

Reviewed by Fletch



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