Ground-breaking new platform Food.Social is shaking up the restaurant industry to revolutionise the way we dine by connecting foodies through their love of great food.

Bringing together hosts and guests to enjoy a vast array of food experiences, users can join the app or sign up to the website, at no cost. From living room supper clubs, to cookery classes, haute cuisine dinners, intimate meals and exclusive dinner parties, Food.Social is offering members a chance to be part of a special and unique dining experience. 

Set to become the world’s biggest ‘restaurant chain’ and gastro-experience hub, it may come as a surprise that Food.Social does not own any restaurants. In a similar vein to Uber, Airbnb and Borrow My Doggy, which centre around bringing like-minded individuals together to share services, Food.Social creates communities of food enthusiasts. 

Hosts offering experiences range from chefs to gourmands who want to offer intimate dining experiences that can’t be found elsewhere, be that a home pop-up to share family recipes or exclusive restaurant evenings. 

For businesses, Food.Social is a gateway to food communities as well as an innovative way to trial new menus, products, experiences and bring in new diners. A rating system allows diners to feedback their experience to both the host and prospective diners. 

Launching in London first, before expanding to the rest of the UK, Food.Social has a new and inspired outlook and the potential to change the way the industry moves.Food.Social is a disruptor, offering something different to the foodie community, and stands to be the largest food focused, global platform. 

Leading Food.Social’s UK launch is founder James Hill. A passionate foodie, he is constantly seeking new and amazing ways to dine and is an advocate for finding local, unforgettable culinary experiences.  

Food.Social is aiming to become known as ‘the Airbnb of food’, with the ‘biggest restaurant chain’ and food-centric community in the world. 

Founder, James Hill, said: Food.Social is a revolutionary new addition to the food scene. The platform offers our users a completely unique food experience and the chance to connect through a love of excellent food, creating a huge foodie community.” 

“We are very excited to be launching in the UK, and to grow to be the biggest restaurant chain in the world.”

Having been piloted in Milan to great reception, Food.Social is now available to London foodies, with plans for expansion within the UK and beyond.

The Food.Social App is available to download on both Apple and Android systems via both App Stores and the Food.Social website –