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Foodie escapism – Earlier this week as we were scrolling through Instagram up popped a message request from Sarah at the Harrogate Graze Company. She is one half of the mother and daughter duo at The Harrogate Graze Company who was asking if we would like to be kindly gifted one of their delicious deluxe graze boxes and that if we accepted she would drop this off just in time for lunch on Tuesday. Now, here at HN we like our food and particularly so when it is from one of our local independents! It was therefore hard to resist.

The Harrogate Graze Company are sourcing local ingredients to deliver deli styled decorated boxes to homes and businesses across our region. They are currently covering Harrogate, Leeds, Halifax and Huddersfield. Their prices are reasonable, and they offer a range of different boxes which will serve from 2 up to 6 people. To give you an idea of each box, the deluxe platter which was kindly handed to us came with 3 cheeses, two dips, drizzle pot, frittata, an onion, chilli and mint marmalade, mixed olives, selection of nuts, a chicken liver and thyme parfait, fresh bread, stuffed peppers, tarts, sundried tomatoes, breadsticks, seasonal fruit and rocket. We decided this had been the best lunch we had in a long time and certainly made for the best lunch since lockdown. As we are both working from home this made the perfect excuse for some lunch time foodie escapism! These boxes would make a great gift, pic nic idea or just a Saturday night feast. Furthermore they are serving lunch time salad boxes and their whole selection covers a vegetarian range too.

foodie escapism
Foodie escapism with Harrogate Graze

Foodie escapism

We decided to catch up with Sarah for a few quick questions in between her time juggling orders and getting ready for deliveries.

Hi Sarah, so when did you start the Harrogate Graze Company?

We started the Harrograte Graze Company in June 2020 during Lockdown

What made you and your mum start making graze boxes?

Bev (my mum) is the most amazing self taught cook. And as a child I always wanted to be just like her in every way! I wanted the passion and flare for cooking. Many a nights my mum would read cookery books and then create the most amazing dishes for us as kids at home. As I grew up and had my own family, that passion and flare kicked started in me. Mum would come round to my house and give me cookery classes and recipes which I would recreate, it was a great bond that we shared. So during lockdown we had a vision of setting up our own graze platter business. After a lot of late nights and long days of business talk, and getting ideas together for the menu, the 8th of June The Harrogate Graze Company was born.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our ingredients from local store called Roots whole food store, our meats and cheeses are supplied from a continental family run business and the rest is homemade by us

What do you think sets you apart from other similar businesses?

We are unique from any other graze business we have come across, as we spend a lot of time home making produce for our platters. Our passion you will taste in every bite of our food.

Where do you see The Harrogate Graze Company in the future?

We are aiming high and hoping that in the next 5 years we will have our very own grazing bar where customers can graze on our food with a fancy cocktail or craft beer.

Catch The Harrogate Graze Company on facebook and through their Instagram handle @harrogate_graze

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