Distrikt Bar has remained just under the radar as a Leeds dining destination for far too long now, however, the recent arrival of Holy Mountain and their unique brand of Mexican comfort food might just see an end to that.

We dropped in recently for a selection of Holy Mountain highlights, and can confirm that Distrikt have once again delivered a varied selection of tempting dishes which command repeat visits. The small but perfectly crafted menu is split into two sections, with one side dedicated to Tacos and the other to Anotjitos (which is apparently Mexican for ‘little cravings’).


From the taco selection, our first choice was the Pilbil (7.00) which features heavenly chunks of tender, 12-hour braised pork shoulder. Accompanied with a side-serving of Distrikt’s homemade hot sauce, these tacos were next level tasty, and all the better for the slow-cooked meat which really did melt.

The Baja Fish Tacos (7.00) were another choice pick, with the grilled fish perfectly flaky and complemented nicely with the sweet flavour of the pickled chillies. It’s worth noting the menu is also very veggie and vegan friendly (woe betide any restaurant in Leeds that isn’t these days!), with halloumi and sweet and sour aubergine options available permanently, as well as chef’s specials such as smoky tofu with pickled shallots on rotation.

holy mountain at distrikt

From the Anotjitos section, we resisted the temptation of the 2 Feet Nachos (yeah, that’s a shit ton of nachos right there) and went for the Loaded Fries (6.00). Say what you like about fries just being fries, but when you’ve had rubbish fries, well, you know what I mean. Smothered in queso, chipotle mayo, coriander salsa, crema Mexicana and hot sauce, these skin-on bad boys were perfectly crisp without being greasy.

Our final dish for the evening was the Box O’ Chicken (6.00), which comes with a choice of either wings or boneless thighs, and three different sauces. We went with the Korean BBQ Sauce option, which was as good as any bulgogi sauces I’ve sampled of late, and a great addition to the flavoursome thighs.

We capped the evening off with a perk me up in the shape of a round of Espresso Martinis (standard), which happened to be on Distrikt’s very generous happy hour deal (which even runs on Friday evenings would you believe). Totting up to close to £20 per head, Holy Mountain at Distrikt is a must for the more discerning diner looking for cheap eats in the heart of central Leeds.

For menu updates, deals and chefs specials, head to the Distrikt website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.