Dirty Martini vegan cocktails

The recent vegan explosion has given us meat and dairy free fast food, fine dining and clothing, but what about cocktails? Dirty Martini Leeds have decided to shake things up once again with a collection of five innovative concoctions, which blend a range of best-loved liquors with daring fruit, plant and herb combinations.

Despite the fact that my January health kick lasted all of three days, I was more than willing to give these vegan creations a shot. First up came the 24 Carrot Gold, which mixes Havana 3-year Rum with green Chartreuse, carrot, pineapple, ginger and mango, to create a zesty flavour bomb that’s also tinged with turmeric.

24 carrot gold vegan cocktail
24 Carrot Gold

If you’re put off by the thought of carrot in your cocktail, then fear not. The combined ingredients all add up to create a fruity cocktail that wouldn’t be out of place in Havana (and the pineapple wasn’t overpowering either, which was a bonus to me).

Next came The Pink Garden, which blends Beefeater Gin with basil liqueur, beetroot, pomegranate, raspberries and citrus, to create another tipple that you could happily sip all summer. Again, don’t be put off by the addition of beetroot, as the flavours are subtle and not overpowering.

dirty martini vegan cocktails

My favourite of the bunch happened to be the creamy cocktails, which were all the more ingenious for the fact they of course contain no cream whatsoever. The matcha-infused Green Mile fuses Absolut Vodka with green Chartreuse, almond milk, coconut and a dash of eucalyptus to create an exotic and refreshing cocktail that commands a repeat visit.

Last but not least came Dirty Martini’s spin on the classic White Russian, and what a worthy replacement the Smooth Operator is. Blending vodka with Kahlua, vegan cream and vegan chocolate, this one makes a great post-meal cocktail for those that prefer a liquid dessert. Delicious.

These vegan creations are available until the 31st March, priced at £9 each, so get yourself down and pick your poison. These cocktails are worth seeking out, whether you happen to be vegan or not.

Dirty Martini, 31 King St, Leeds, LS1 2HL.