Cheese Posties

Cheese Posties  –  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches In Your Letter Box

If you’re anything like us the combination of soft, melted cheese with fresh, crispy bread – crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle is enough to send you into a food frenzy. That’s why the announcement of Cheese Posties, the world’s first subscription grilled cheese sandwich service, has us more than a little exited. For just £3.99 a week Cheese Posties offer to deliver all the components of a gourmet grilled cheese through your letter box. Each week you’ll receive fresh, artisan bread, world class cheese and condiments alongside a toaster bag and instructions. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the bag and toast!

Cheese Posties is the brainchild of Dave Rotheroe and Danny Jennings, two fellow foodies who have a hankering for rough and ready food made decadent. With backgrounds in logistics and technology they have set out to bring their love of grilled cheese to the nation in a convenient and affordable manner. Co-Founder Dave said “Cheese Posties is about revolutionising peoples lunch and offering a bit of surprise and variety into a really versatile food format. It’s a sorry state of affairs when you spend 30 of your 60 minute lunch break queuing for a soul-less supermarket sandwich. We want to use our knowledge and facilities to shake the boat a little and bring world class grilled cheese to everyone. And on their own schedule!”

The roaring success of snack subscription boxes like Graze and DIY ‘cook it yourself’ services like Hello Fresh is testament to a shift in attitude and food culture throughout the country. People are looking for new and interesting ways to grub up and services like Cheese Posties are lifting the barriers on lunchtime!

Currently at pre-launch stage and already attracting a lot of media attention their Kickstarter campaign begins on Tuesday 23rd June. Until then you can head over to their website to sign up for updates and back their social awareness campaign on Thunderclap.

Cheese Posties

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