Skapeti Olive Oil

We would like to introduce you to Skapeti Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A family-based business, originally from the heart of the Peloponnese, Greece, they have been harvesting olives for over four generations. A business of olive oil enthusiasts, they are ready to share their passion. Here they take up their story.

“We are currently offering two varieties of Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil: (EVOO) a Premium and an Organic variety. Both varieties embody the taste of the Mediterranean and offer a whole host of health-related properties. We are a family that knows only the finest olive oil and we want everyone to experience this. “

“We pride ourselves on our history. We have been planting and harvesting olive trees for over a hundred years and in this time, we have learnt a thing or two about producing the finest quality olive oil. We are passionate about every drop, in every bottle and we want to share this with you.”

“Our EVOO is harvested from one single estate and one type of olive variety. Being a single estate and a single producer guarantees the strictest and controlled production methods with absolutely no blending or mixing of olive oils or varieties of olives, thus guaranteeing a beautiful, pure flavour.”

“We hand pick our olives and harvest them whilst they are still green on the tree resulting in a grassy but mellow and buttery texture round the mouth, with a bright and long-lasting citrus tang on the tongue. Our olives are cold pressed the same day that they have been harvested which means all the natural goodness and antioxidant nutrients are preserved. “

“For us, our olive oil has always been special and now, we are recognised globally, having received the Silver Quality Accolade by IOOC (International Olive Oil Competition). Over the past few months, we have generated top fans such as a recent MasterChef Champion and top nutritionists and healthy-living advocates.”

Here at H&N HQ, we had to try (of course!), we think we know a thing or two about olive oil so when we say this is the most delicious we have ever tasted there is no exaggeration! We cannot get enough of this beautiful flavour and use to dress everything! It is also at its best with a little good quality balsamic vinegar to dip fresh focaccia bread into!

“Our EVOO makes a fantastic gift to any foodie as well as the perfect choice for a host. EVOO is available to buy directly through our website at or through our Instagram page which can we found on – here you will find all of our products and a bit more about us and the Skapeti Brand. As a family-run business, our products are limited editions. But our flavour is endless!” Transform your taste, enhance your cooking!

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