assembly underground

Since reimagining former nightclub Carpe Diem as a drinking and dining venue last November, Assembly Underground has become one of Leeds’ hottest hangouts.

Encompassing a host of independent businesses, it’s already home to Vocation & Co’s massive 50-tap beer bar (that’s the largest single-bar selection in the UK, fact fans), Jah Jyot’s British Street Food Award-winning Punjabi food, and burgers from Slap & Pickle – widely hailed as the city’s finest. 

Photo: Ed Sowerby

And that’s before we’ve even got onto The Staff Room speakeasy bar, top-rated Tripadvisor business Falafel Guys, Pizza Authority’s authentic Neapolitan specimens, or the stunning Brazilian BBQ by Bread & Butter.

But now there’s even more on the table.

First up, local favourite Stage has just opened Leeds’ biggest coffee shop. Open from 8am daily, Stage Espresso Bar’s greenery-draped, coffee bean sack-covered frontage nods to the origins of the ethical direct-trade raw materials that the Jakeman brothers source from Union Hand-Roasted and turn into some of the best cups of coffee you’ll ever drink.

Photo: Ed Sowerby

Add to the mix haute hot chocolates, specialist teas, a scrumptious selection of sweet and savoury pastries and Cawa Bakery cakes, and Stage’s very own signature waffles – topped with the likes of apple strudel, pecans and maple syrup – and you know you’re starting (or ending) your day right. 

Then, waiting in the wings, is Holy Ramen – the latest brainchild of Holy Mountain Kitchen founder Harry Johns. Opening his kitchen in early May, the fine-dining-chef-turned-culinary-rebel will be getting creative with the titular noodle soup; bringing his no-rules attitude to every bowl.


With vegan and halal options, specials, and collaborations all in the pipeline, Holy Ramen promises to be Leeds first ramen-centric eatery. Intriguingly, it also promises to boast an intriguing aesthetic which Harry describes as ‘kung-fu-meets-hip-hop’ – the musical reference perhaps apt for a man who frequented the same building as a guitarist back in its Carpe Diem days.

Back to the present day, and the new arrivals mean that Assembly Underground now offers guests the incredible choice of 50 beers, six kitchens, two bars, and a coffee shop – all under one roof. 

So, if you’re one of the 100% of people into eating, drinking and having a good time, you better come down and grab yourself one of those 250 seats, sharpish…

Assembly Underground, Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3ED.