Restaurateurs and award-winning chefs, Laura MacLeod and Luke Downing, bring you FEED in Pudsey , the fourth member of the Vice and Virtue family.

At the former Howard’s Bistro site, Richardshaw Lane, Feed in Pudsey is set to breathe new life into Pudsey and bring what theFeed in Pudsey area has been missing. Feed will serve breakfast, artsy coffees and lunch by day and have an evening menu that will change daily. The aim is to deliver a modern take on what chefs like to cook, the quality of fine dining, without any of the fuss. Just purely good, fun food with no genre or boundaries. Local and national craft ales will be a focus, as well as carefully curated cocktails and wine list. Feed will have a laid back and relaxed vibe that everyone can enjoy day or night.

Local founders of Feed in Pudsey, Luke and Laura, have taken on a different concept in each of their ventures. Dough Bistro was the beginning of an empire, existing sites include Nineteen at Leeds Golf Centre, Aperitivo in West Park and the notorious Vice and Virtue. The business’ recent successes include 2018 Oliver Awards for best chef, best service and best overall and 2017’s best fine dining. The group have also taken home best bar and best cocktail from 2018’s Cocktails in the City. Vice and Virtue were also the only new entry from Leeds to the Good Food Guide in 2017.

Co-owner, Laura, says: “We’re bringing something completely new to Pudsey – something that we, as a team, are crazy passionate about and hope that the locals (& non locals) are too. It’ll be a permanent fixture in people’s social schedules.”

Feed in PudseyExpanding on this, Luke states: “I wanted to work in the area because I feel like there’s something missing. I visit my brother in Pudsey and we’re at a loose end after a couple of hours. Feed will tick a lot of boxes, hipster coffees, craft ales, some refined food, some fast food. We’ll cater for everyone, and of course we’re considering the increase in vegetarian and veganism. Something I’m passionate about is bringing creative food and drink to the area and working with Jono means we will definitely deliver that. I’m excited to have someone of his calibre on board.” – Director, Luke Downing.

Downing will take a more operational role in this venture and has handed the kitchen to well renowned Leeds chef, Jono Hawthorne. Bradford born, Hawthorne has made his name in the industry at a young age. His training began at the Box Tree, Ilkley, and he has since worked in 2 and 3 Michelin starred restaurants around the world including Noma, Denmark, and Australia’s most awarded restaurant, Quay. People of Leeds may also know him for his own XO Supper Club, a series of very successful pop ups in the likes of Oporto and Mr Nobody.

Reluctant to give away any secrets, Hawthorne states: “I’m excited to take on the new venture, it’s a great opportunity for me to have free reign and do what I want with no boundaries. Feed will be a massively creative take on all cuisines. I can’t tell you entirely what to expect but you can definitely expect proper tasty food.”

Feed in Pudsey will open its doors mid August. Reservations can be made via their webpage