An independent café, bistro & deli offering authentic Greek cuisine: traditional, modern & experimental dishes, with artisan foods, drinks & hampers.

A team of four passionate Greek foodies decided to open an authentic Greek Café, Bistro and Deli in Adel, Leeds, run by an independent family and 4 passionate food lovers. Their reputation reached us very quickly, not only for the authentic, delicious food they serve but also their wonderful hospitality and the deli packed full of real Greek delicacies.

Certainly a visit to Amalthea was in order and the week we chose to dine there was a bit different as unbeknownst to us before we got there, they were also offering a special guest menu full of dishes from The Cyclades Islands, called From Mykonos to Santorini, a delicious selection of Meze Platters which all sounded so mouth-watering, we were spoilt for choice.

However, a decision was made and we chose the Mykonos Meze Platter for 2 people. The great thing about a meze platter is that in comprises of starter and main dishes, so all you need to think about is your dessert!


The platter we chose consisted of moussaka (this was the best moussaka in the world and if you only like this from the whole selection, then it’s been a worthwhile visit, a stunning dish), soutzoukakia (beef and lamb meatballs) with sweet 12 spice sauce, stuffed pepper with rice, hummus with chilli olive oil, Greek gigantes (oven roasted butter beans) with chilli sauce, pitta bread, maintanosalata (parsley salad), and olives!

How good does that sound? We were practically salivating in anticipation of our meal arriving as the smells from the kitchen were something else and the food being served up to our fellow diners that evening looked so good. We were not to be disappointed. When our meal arrived we couldn’t wait to ‘get stuck in’ and we made sure we ate the same thing at the same time as each other to get a genuine reaction.


There was nothing we didn’t like or could even say was our least favourite, even the butter beans which was the only component in the platter we were both a little nervous about was delicious. This chef knows how to cook and as we worked our way through, we started with the pittas, dips and olives, unintentionally leaving the moussaka until last. There was a generous slice each to devour and it was so good we agreed that although full, if presented with another slice we would force it down. This should be award winning moussaka!


Now if you have ever been to Greece or eaten Greek food, you will know that their desserts are very sweet, if you have a sweet tooth you will be in dessert heaven with your choice of Baklava, Portokalopita (orange pie), Carrot Cake, Black Cherry Cake, Ice-creams and various yogurt dishes with traditional fruits such as fig and honey of course. Neither of us have a particularly sweet tooth, but after polishing off a meze you do find yourself wanting one of these traditional desserts ‘just to finish off’.

We chose to share Carrot Cake with ice cream, it was just enough and the perfect ending to what had been a superb and authentic dining experience for us both. I should at this point let you know that Amalthea is a dry restaurant and you take your own alcohol, which we quite like as you can take whatever you want to drink and it helps to keep the cost down when dining out on a budget.

Amalthea is open in the morning when they serve speciality Greek coffees, gourmet sweets, sandwiches, pies and snacks. From the afternoon until night the menu changes to authentic Greek dishes, blending modern with tradition, revealing hidden and unknown aspects of Greek cuisine. There are both popular traditional dishes as well as modern and experimental ones.

The Deli offers a wide variety of artisan ingredients, foods, sweets and drinks so that you can take a taste of Greece home or even prepare your own Greek dishes and they are also more than happy to host your party, wedding, corporate or any other event.

We loved Amalthea so much that we immediately booked to return with 8 of our friends and they loved it too. A worthy tribute to a job well done by the team at this wonderful little find in North Leeds. Go go go!

Recommended by Angela Riches December 2016

T  0113 267 2888    1 The Crescent, Adel, Leeds LS16 6AA