5 reasons to get this artisan and organic sea salt

Salt is undoubtably one of the oldest and most vital of ingredients, essential to enhancing any dish and even some drinks. Blackthorn Salt is everything a salt should be and more thanks to the unique Blackthorn Tower and the individual salters’ craft.

Blackthorn Salt: At-A-Glance Introduction

An artisan sea salt: Best sprinkled by hand, Blackthorn Salt provides a distinctive, but gentle crystal crunch and burst of oceanic flavour, followed by a rolling moreishness. With subtle mellow notes from the blackthorn and a sweetness generated from the naturally occurring magnesium in the sea, Blackthorn Salt is a salt unlike any other.

The perfect gift for foodies looking to really up their game this year or for those who would like to experiment with a luxury seasoning which has been endorsed by chefs across the country, Blackthorn Salt is a must-have.

A Salt Unlike Any Other

Blackthorn Salt is an artisan sea salt produced on the idyllic shores of Scotland’s West Coast. At Blackthorn Salt, an impressive and wholly unique blackthorn tower – a striking 8m high, 25m long structure – harnesses the natural elements to help create this one-of-a-kind sea salt. 

A Sustainable Salt with Scottish Provenance

The coastal location of Blackthorn Salt is at the core of its history and inspiration. It also provides the salt’s single ingredient – pure Scottish seawater. A handmade product that sustainably uses the elements, Blackthorn Salt is 100% natural, it is suitable for vegans, those with allergies and discerning tastes alike. 

Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Reviving centuries old techniques, the key to Blackthorn Salt’s production is the blackthorn tower. The only working blackthorn tower in the world and the first of its kind in the UK, this imposing tower of thorns was created by skilled local craftsmen. The structure comprises of thousands of tightly packed bundles of the indigenous thorny shrub, blackthorn. These thorns effectively spread the seawater out to help evaporate it with the wind and sun.

The Master Salter

an artisan sea salt
Blackthorn Salt – Gregorie Marshall

An artisan sea salt: Master Salter, Gregorie Marshall, is continuing the legacy of his ancestors who have been involved with the salt industry since 1874. Like the five generations before him, it is Gregorie’s passion for innovation, his knowledge, skill and precision that gives Blackthorn Salt its distinctive quality and taste.

From Tower to Table

This slow and simple method involves 100% Scottish seawater trickling through every twig and thorn of the spiky blackthorn. The blackthorn thorns themselves maximise the seawater’s exposure to the natural elements of the sun and wind which accelerates its evaporation.

an artisan sea salt

Once it has trickled around the tower, the naturally concentrated salt water or brine is moved to the pan house. Here expert salters use their experienced precision to gently heat and stir the brine before drawing off the salt crystals. Each crystal has a beautiful geometric structure, as unique as a snowflake, and every batch is carefully gathered and checked by hand.

This clean and unrefined method gives Blackthorn Salt its delicate crystal crunch texture, minimises power-use and enables the retention of minerals within the salt which make the flavours so deliciously distinctive and unique.

Priced at £6.40 for a 240g box or £3.90 for a 120g box, Blackthorn Salt is available from a number of retailers including Not on the High Street as well as Amazon and the Blackthorn Salt website www.blackthornsalt.co.uk 

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