What Are the Best Drinks to Give to Guests at Your Home? 

If you’re inviting friends or family over to your home soon then you may be starting to worry about being a bad host. Fortunately, there are a few easy things that you can do to make them feel welcome. This includes showing them where the toilet is, telling them to make themselves feel at home and perhaps most importantly, offering them a drink.  

After a long drive or walk to your home they may be desperately in need of a drink, so offer them one early to make sure they’re happy. What you offer them, however, is a completely different question. It will depend on the time of day and the vibe of the gathering. To ensure you offer the right and best drinks, this article will be able to help. Read on to find out more. 

Alcoholic beverages 

An alcoholic beverage will most likely be offered if you’re entertaining adults on an evening or you’re throwing a party in your home. If this is what you’re doing, then we recommend having a few options for your guests to choose from. This could be beer, wine, prosecco or the nation’s favourite, Gin and Tonic.  

This will get your gathering off to the best possible start as you get ready for a wonderful evening with your loved ones.  

Soft drinks  

best drinks

Not everyone at your party will want to drink, however. They may be pregnant, underage, or intolerant to alcohol. For these people, we recommend offering soft drinks such as Coca-Cola or squash to provide them with a refreshing drink for the night. Many soft drinkers may be content with water but providing them with a wide range of options will show them that you care.  

Hot drinks  

best drinks

How can we forget about hot drinks? Hot drinks are ideal for all occasions. They’re refreshing and are widely enjoyed across the whole of the UK with more than 2.2 million people consuming at least one a day according to the most recent data. Offer your guests flavoured teas, whether it’s green tea, English breakfast etc. or coffees and make them a delicious cup! Be sure to ask them if they want sugar and how milky they want it to ensure their thirst is quenched properly  

As you can see, there are plenty of great choices for you to offer your guests. To make sure you have the right ones for your friends and family, ask them what they’d like ahead of their visit, so you know they’ll be happy with what you offer. 

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