Is Social Media Contributing to Divorce Rates?

Social media is ever growing, with new platforms constantly being created. It isn’t a surprise that many believe it’s one of the causes of divorce, but is this the case?

In this article, we’re going to uncover whether social media is contributing to divorce rates.

Many family law firms report that social media is frequently used as a reason for the fact of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ during a divorce. Whether this be due to the type of content that the offender posts, what they share, and social media’s involvement with infidelity, there are plenty of variables.

divorce rates

Whilst social media is often used to initiate marriages, can we also question whether it ends marriages. Keep reading to find out whether social media is contributing to divorce rates.

Why Does Social Media Cause Married Couples to Divorce?

Social Media Usage

Countless numbers of us have become zombies addicted to our devices, scrolling through endless media for hours upon hours. As you can expect, this is a reason why so many couples end up divorcing further down the line.

It’s quite common to witness couples spending time together, yet one or both of them are on their phones scrolling through social media instead of communicating with one another. At first, this might not affect a relationship, but there is no uncertainty that this will eventually affect the marriages and cause upset and distance between spouses.

Whilst spending time on social media might not seem harmful, especially where nothing inappropriate is occurring, it might surprise you to learn that social media usage is one of the main reasons that many couples argue and potentially divorce. So, where you’re liking pictures of other people’s dogs, you could be missing important parts of your relationship.

Social Media Infidelity

divorce rates

Social media infidelity is something that is increasingly common currently and is obviously devasting for those involved.

The concept of infidelity isn’t new; it, of course, happened prior to the existence of social media. That said, there are some statistics that do propose that social media has influenced the increase of married couples cheating on their spouses. Chris, an individual interviewed by Fatherly, said, “…do I think I would’ve done what I did if Facebook didn’t exist? No.”

There’s no doubt that people cheat all the time without the assistance of social media, such as meeting someone whilst drunk on a night out and initiating sexual interactions. But, more often than not, social media is the main resource when it comes down to individuals having an affair. Many perhaps meet other people on or off social media and continue the affair through the means of social media, doing this by sending flirty messages, sexting, renaming contacts, using sexy emojis and more.

Even where an individual has not cheated through the means of social media, liking photos or videos of other people, or even innocent messages, can lead to jealousy and conflict. This may potentially lead to divorce if it becomes a frequent occurrence.

What Are the Number One Reasons Couples Divorce?

Whilst we have laid out some persuasive reasons which could suggest that social media is causing a spike in divorce rates, it isn’t necessarily the national number one reason. This could suggest that perhaps another reason or a combination of them all is causing the divorce rate increase. Some of the top reasons are:

Naturally Falling Out of Love

Unfortunately, love can have its ending point. At the start of any relationship, you might imagine and hope you’ll be with your partner forever but realistically speaking, it isn’t the case for many relationships and marriages. Many married couples sometimes find themselves drifting from their partner and no longer loving them in a romantic manner. Perhaps this is due to their partner spending considerable time on social media or just because they no longer match as a couple.

Lack of Financial Compatibility

divorce rates

Financial difficulty, or the overall handling of finances, is one of the leading causes for why numerous married couples choose to divorce. With divorce statistics finding 41% of divorce is due to lack of financial compatibility, this could be because of different views on spending and savings, adverse financial priorities, any debt either person has, and financial infidelity.

Financial compatibility can be further affected through the means of social media. With social media being the driving force of advertising for products and services, it can be easy to sway individuals into excessive spending, which they might choose to hide from their spouses. So, although lack of financial compatibility seems as though it’s different from social media, it can still be affected by it.

Is Social Media Contributing to Divorce Rates?

What we can determine is that, whilst there are many convincing points that could make us question whether social media is contributing to divorce rates, there are also opposing points that suggest not. There are also numerous other reasons why couples divorce, so it is hard to specify exactly what causes divorce and whether social media is to blame for the rising rates.

A published study found that those who do not use social media in their marriage are 11% happier than those who do. So, if you are married and happen to use social media, keep this in mind. Perhaps spend less time scrolling and more time asking about your spouse’s day, and you might find an improvement to your marriage.

Has social media affected your marriage?

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