How You Can Improve Your Company’s Cyber Security

With companies’ reliance on technology being more prevalent than ever there has never been a better time to ensure that your company’s cyber security can stand up to the job.

Failure to ensure your company’s cyber security is intact could see you expose your business to the potential risk of financial or material loss or theft. Alternatively, you could be the victim of data or security breaches that could put potentially sensitive information into the wrong hands. Here are some ways that could help keep on top of and improve your company’s cyber security. 

Update software regularly 

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You are no doubt constantly being asked to update your smart devices to ensure optimum performance, well your business software is no different. Software updates often fix security flaws, add greater protection and improve functionality, so do not put off installing the software updates that come through. 

Ensure employees undergo cyber security training

While a lot of the onus of cyber security will fall upon you as owner or your IT team there are steps your employees can take to help keep your company protected from digital threats. It is good practice to provide regular training on the issues of cyber security, such as being suspicious of unsolicited emails, avoiding clicking on unknown links or attachments and ensuring they never divulge any personal company information. Employees should also be well versed in strong password protection and be encouraged to change their passwords on a regular basis. Two-factor authentication should also be considered for use amongst employees. It is also recommended that employees internal access to the system is kept limited. Employees only need to be able to access systems, networks or files that they need to complete their role. 

Use professional services

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While a lot of the security procedures and practices can take place in-house if your company is charged with particularly sensitive information that requires protecting or you do not have the manpower or capabilities to adequately enforce sufficient cyber security consider outsourcing this task to managed services that can do it for you. Professional IT services will be well versed in cyber security and will be able to identify any weak spots or exposure points you have and put in measures to ensure they are adequately protected. Professionally managed cyber security services will ensure you are able to stay one step ahead of digital threats. 

Back up your data

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Data backups should be completed once a week as a minimum but preferably more than this. Data back-ups should also be done to additional disconnected storage devices to ensure that should there be any compromise of the main computer system your data is stored in a separate and safe space. Finally, be sure to use encryption when you back up your data

Don’t forget company smartphones

It is not only the computers, laptops and networks that need protecting. Company smartphones can pose a risk too, especially if they hold confidential information or can access your company’s network. Ensure all employees password protect devices, that data is encrypted and install security apps that can prevent the device from being accessed if it falls into the wrong hands. 

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