How To Host The Merriest Christmas Party

The festive season is once again upon us, making it the ideal time to start planning for your ultimate Christmas Party. Whether you plan to invite only your closest friends and family or want to make it the party of the year, following a few simple tips and tricks will help you maximize the experience for everyone involved.

For guests who indulge in disposable vapes, it may be tempting to assign a designated place for them to smoke. But it is important to remember that it may lead to them becoming isolated from the rest of the Christmas party. Instead, try to find an agreeable compromise that can work for you both.

Send Invites Early

You may not start your Christmas party planning until Halloween has come and gone. Still, the seasonal calendars of friends and family may fill up fast, especially with so few available weekend nights on offer. Therefore, to ensure a complete guest list, make sure to send invites out in advance.

Not only will it give people plenty of time to make any necessary childcare arrangements, should it be needed, but it puts you ahead of other possible invites that may fall on the same day. Use an online invitation service to make the process faster, cheaper, and easier for both you and your guests. 

Mindful Menu Selection

Christmas party food

When selecting the perfect menu for your holiday party, there are a few crucial factors to consider. Even for those who love to cook, attempting to make everything from scratch is a recipe for disaster. Instead, choose two or three dishes that can be made ahead of time and simplify your life by buying the rest, including appetizers, sides, and one of the desserts. Furthermore, if you haven’t planned for your guests to sit down to a meal, the food needs to be easy to eat with one hand while standing or sitting away from a table.

The same can be said for the drinks on offer. Create a signature cocktail to serve to guests as they arrive, but set your full bar out in a self-service arrangement, allowing guests to make their own drinks as they want them. Just be sure to provide enough drinking glasses. Two per person is typically sufficient.

Don’t Forget the Music

Christmas party music

You certainly don’t need to hire a professional DJ for your Christmas party, but you also don’t want to omit music completely. Having a holiday-themed playlist playing in the background will instantly enhance the festive mood and create a more welcoming atmosphere as your guests arrive.

Streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music have curated playlists ideal for your festivities, removing the need to manually select music as time progresses. Make sure to have the music loud enough to hear but not too loud as to hinder conversation.

Pick a Theme & Stick to It

Every good party has a theme. And around the festive season, this can be anything from a seasonal colour scheme to a classic holiday song. Whatever you choose to embrace, selecting a central design element will help to lead the rest of the decorating, creating a well-balanced and cohesive event.

Make the theme clear on your invites, allowing your guests to dress appropriately. While you don’t necessarily have to make your entire home feel like a matching atmosphere, having three or four clear nods to your chosen theme will give your party a thoughtful and personal touch. 

Arrange the Party Wisely

When setting up for a party in your home, take a moment to consider where things are going to go, particularly your food table and drinks cart. This will likely get the most foot traffic, and you want to ensure your guests have more than enough space to access the food and refreshments on offer without feeling cramped or restricted.

The easiest way to achieve this is by setting up the food in the same area you want your guests to socialize, as it is likely the biggest room in your home. Place the appetizers in a different spot from the main food items and drinks cart to create a natural flow and encourage mingling.

Utilize What You Already Own

Christmas party glasses

When deciding on a theme, and before rushing out to spend hundreds of dollars on decorations, take a look around your home to see what you already own. Places like pantries, cabinets, and storage space may hold forgotten festival decorations, a fancy dinnerware set from your wedding, or a stack of twinkling fairy lights you thought you had misplaced.

Using what you already own can save money on unnecessary purchases and minimize potential waste. However, don’t go overboard if you have to buy new décor items. Select two or three statement pieces alongside a small array of added extras to achieve your desired effect without unwanted waste.

Party Proof Your Home

Hosting a party is a fun experience, but it can also be laced with concern about ruining the décor in your home, particularly the floors. Dirty footprints, wine stains, and messed food can leave stains that are impossible to clean. To mitigate this potential damage, place a doormat at every entry point that can be used throughout the party.

To protect wooden floors or valuable carpets from scuffing or food stains, plan ahead by laying down washable rugs in high-activity areas. If your guests are going to be seated for portions of the evening, simple furniture covers that can be removed once your event is over will prevent any unwanted marks or damage.

Furthermore, provide small trash cans throughout the party area to encourage your guests to throw away trash immediately. This will simplify your clean-up process the following day and keep your space looking clean and welcoming throughout the night.

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