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How Is The Construction Industry Working To Improve Health And Safety Regulations?

The construction and mining industries have received a vast amount of criticism in the past as the health of workers has often been overlooked. But with a series of inspections and new regulations set by the British government, this could be about to change. In this article, we will be looking into the construction industry and what is being done to ensure the safety of their staff throughout the working day.

Training Within The Industry

Training is by far one of the most important ways that that construction industry is improving health and safety. Whether this is training on the construction site in general or training regarding the machinery and how to handle it, regulations state that anyone working in a site needs to be trained. This is also crucial for those higher-ups that are buying and selling equipment as expertise is needed to ensure that machines that are being bought are safe to operate. Whether it is a rock crusher for sale or the chance to implement new self-driving technology, this will all need to be checked by a trained professional to ensure that it is safe and in working order.

Quality Control Of Excess Materials

In addition to the health and safety on a construction site, there is a vast amount of health and safety that goes into controlling any material that can leak from the plant. Whether this is the prevention of water contamination or the removal of dust from the air, this can all ensure that the area is clean and is not disrupted as a result. This is a crucial part of health and safety procedures as this will prevent contamination of water sources that can damage the health of residents as well as local wildlife.

The Use Of Automated Machinery

Another way that health and safety are being improved is through the use of automated systems. With machinery such as drills and cranes being controlled from a remote location, companies are able to dig further to extract raw material, this is ideal for companies as they can dig deeper and extract more without the risk to human life. This, therefore, increases profit margins and allows for the plant to work more efficiently. Alternatively, automated machinery is able to cover people that are sick, this means there is less downtime for businesses with higher profit margins, this increases efficiency and helps to stick to timelines and monthly targets, all whilst improving the safety of the employee. 

Improved Working Environments

The construction and mining industries

The final way that the construction industry is improving health and safety is by providing better working conditions. With strict regulations regarding workwear as well as weather conditions and designated walkways, these sites are becoming safer. This is crucial within industries dealing with heavy machinery as a hard hat and fluorescent jacket can save lives. In addition to the rules on site, there are also a number of inspections on-site that consist of all the major points.

With this in mind, there are tighter regulations than ever within the construction and mining industry allowing for the health of workers to be put first. This is a trend that is set to continue in 2020 and can see major changes to this in the future.

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