Fundamentals 4 All

Everyday Life Skills For Everyone – The founder of Fundamentals 4 All, Alexandra Clegg realised that there was a large number of people who have lots of qualifications but are struggling with basic life skills. 

Alexandra’s back ground is training within the financial world and it was here that she started to realise the need to help people with some of life’s basics, “I have trained lots of school leavers who have left school or college with some fantastic qualifications however we started to discover – they knew very little about finance this included personal budgeting, mortgages, insurances etc.  Schools are under tremendous pressure to deliver on students gaining good results and in turn this has meant life topics have started to be dropped and with parents having such hectic lives of running a home and having stable employment there has been a knock-on result of some young adults not gaining these essential life skills.”

Who can you help? Anyone who needs me. It could be a teenager who would like to increase their ‘work ready’ skills, or someone who has decided they want a career change, maybe made redundant but doesn’t know where to start with their new life. Children who are about to leave home might not have enough knowledge on how to manage their finances and bills, or even a parent whose child has left home but is constantly asking for help from the bank of mum and dad because they are struggling to control their cash flow.

What can you do to help? For me every situation and person is different, before I create any plan I will have a discussion with my client to gain a good understanding of what the situation is. From there I will then look to see what skills could be missing and create a programme which is bespoke to that group or individual using a blend of skills training and coaching.  For example, one client I met with was struggling to stay on top of their finances, the programme which I designed included understanding budgeting,  how to manage debt and be assertive.  I included assertiveness because they had shared with me that they often became anxious when talking to their providers on the phone hence they would avoid speaking with them.

Why use you and not just sort their own lives out? This is a good question and one that I asked myself a lot before setting up the business. I am not a financial advisor, I do not have the perfect life, what I do have is a vast knowledge of where to get the right help, how to budget for your home and personal life and a passion to help others.  It is much easier to get yourself into copious amounts of debt these days with things like ‘pay day loans’ and the chances are you will never pay one of these debts off due to the high interest rates that they charge,  no one explains this to you at the time.  Life can be tough sometimes but with the right support it can also be pretty amazing.

You talk about budgeting quite a lot, surely charging people for your services goes against that? I can see why you might say that, but I am very reasonably priced and do not tie anyone into a long-term contract, I only charge for the time I spend with you and it is your choice if you want to have further sessions.  I learnt recently that ‘the bank of mum and dad’ is the 9th biggest lender in the UK which is crazy when you consider how many lenders there are in the country so it does make sense, especially for parents to pay a small amount to my company rather than continuing to pay out substantial amounts of money to help their children pay off unnecessary debts.

If you have any further questions that you would like to ask Alexandra then why not send her an email at or visit