How to cook the Perfect Steak

Welcome back to our resident Foodie – Paul Conboy from Fat Food club. We used the brilliant Meater+ to knock up these perfectly cooked butchers bought sirloin steaks. We decided to think carefully about what actually goes into cooking the perfect steak and we have added these points here. It is not a definitive guide but one that works well for us time and time again.

Ingredients – serves 2

Perfect Steak
  1. 2 generously thick cut sirloin steaks (we asked the butcher to cut a little bigger than what he had displayed, and he was more than willing to do this) Take the steaks out of the fridge at home  40 minutes before cooking. Bringing these to room temperature serves the meat a better cook and you will notice the difference.
  2. A small bunch of freshly cut rosemary and thyme
  3. 2 whole garlic cloves gently crushed. (You do not need to peel these and a tip here is they be crushed using the back of a spoon)
  4. 25g butter
  5. A splash of olive oil
  6. Sea salt (we use Maldon Sea Salt)

Equipment –

  1. It’s a good idea to have a heavy based pan and one that conducts heats well. The pan should not be overcrowded so make sure it is fairly large particularly if you are cooking both steaks at the same time. We cooked both our steaks medium.
  2. Tongs to turn and one dessert spoon.
  3. Meater+

Instructions –

Meater Plus
  1. How to cook the Perfect Steak – Heat the pan on a high heat and drop in the butter and splash of oil
  2. Add the small bunch of rosemary, thyme and garlic cloves into the pan
  3. Insert the meater+ into one sirloin. Season both sirloins with a sprinking of sea salt on both sides.
  4. Once the butter and oil are hot add the steak. The steak should sizzle as you do this but do not let it burn. If you feel this is happening turn down the heat slightly. If your pan is wide enough add both of the steaks together. Cook roughly on each side for 4 minutes before turning. Cook for another 4 minutes. If you are using the meater+ then this will give you the exact timing for a medium (or whatever preference you have selected on the app)
  5. Use the dessert spoon to regularly poor the oil, butter, garlic and herb mix over the top of the steaks. Tilt the pan so you get a generous spoonful each time.
  6. How to cook the Perfect Steak – Take off the heat once cooked and rest the steaks. To do this, take the steaks out of the pan and cover loosely with foil. Rest for 2/3 minutes. If you are using the meater+ this will again guide you to how long you should rest the cooked steaks. Serve with greens and red wine.
Perfect Steak

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