Top 10 fashion tips to live by

Having worked as a fashion editor for a very long time, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the world’s most stylish women.

I always love to hear their stories and fashion tips, to discover something new about life and style and other stuff. One thing I’ve realised is that inspiration comes from looking outwards rather than inwards.


Whether that’s an elegant woman I meet at work (and ask for fashion tips maybe), or on the street, an art exhibition, a novel, or an outfit that’s caught my eye on Instagram.

As Iris Apfel once told me, ‘To stay current, you must get out there and get involved, otherwise you’re living in the dark ages!’

For my latest Ryvita post I was asked for my top 10 fashion tips to live by, I hope they inspire you:

1. Style is individual

There are many ways to dress and different pairings work for different individuals. Your body is your design brief; so be honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t. It may sound obvious but wearing what you feel happy and comfortable in is always a good starting point.

2. Every outfit needs one showbiz item

A standout piece to perk things up – a pair of snazzy boots, a sequinned top, a bright red statement jacket -something that you’ll want to wear till it falls apart. Think maximum impact, minimum effort.

3. Carry on experimenting.

I love finding a new, winning combination. The new navy jersey, pussy bow top that unlocks my 10 year old Marc by Marc Jacobs navy and black patterned jacket and ancient Levi’s 501s. Result.

4. Don’t save anything for best

It’s all about nine to nine Casual Glamour now.

5. Allow enough time more when getting ready.

Throwing clothes and makeup on and hoping for the best is never a relaxing way to start the day. Spend time figuring out different combinations of clothes that fit and flatter and create a handful of go to outfits that allow you to be calm in the morning while whipping up a styling sensation.

6. Fit is the most important thing

If it doesn’t fit right, it doesn’t sit right and can lead to a lot of hitching, hoicking and faffing. Think skirts that restrict movement, trousers that go up yer bum and other places and saggy old bras that offer zero support. The aim when getting dressed in the morning is to pull on an outfit and then forget about it, to go about daily business minus the Faff Factor.

7. Mix it up

Try opposing textures, like a colourful tweed pencil skirt with a slinky silk blouse. Mix military and metallic wear an army jacket and a sequined skirt. Or team leather leggings with a slouchy cashmere sweater. It’s all about the contrast.

8. Buy a magnifying mirror… but don’t look in it too often.

9. Wear shoes that you can walk in

This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, particularly now there are loads of fabulous run around shoes and sneakers available. Just remember: no one ever looked glamorous when their feet hurt.

10. And finally: style doesn’t equal buying loads of new stuff

Endless consumerism doesn’t make anyone happy – or stylish. This is the age of the shopping for your lifestyle and not just for the sake of it.

Written by Alyson Walsh, Fashion Expert


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