Since ancient times, rubies have always occupied the most unique position in the long history of mankind.

Ruby is widely recognised as one of the most valuable coloured gemstones

It is deeply loved by the people of the East and West. It is a symbol of love, beauty, eternality and perseverance. It has long been legendary and fascinating, and attracts collectors and experts from around the world.

The Orientals were the first to discover and appreciate ruby. It has been admired for thousands of years and its status has surpassed that of any other gem. In ancient Sanskrit, ruby is called “Ratnaraj”. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China, a large number of rubies were used in court jewellry. The coronets of successive queens are studded with rubies personalised pet photo necklace. In the Qing dynasty, it was also stipulated that rubies could only be used on the crown of a senior official.

In the West, ruby has a long history and culture. The Bible says that the ruby cheap name bracelets​​ in the sacred robe and breast tablets of the Jewish tribes rank first among the 12 most precious stones created by god in the earliest time. In ancient European astrology, nine gems represent different planets, moons and stars in the solar system. The ruby is in the center, which is the key to the hottest core in the gem world.

Ruby and sapphire belong to the corundum variety and are crystalline forms of alumina. But in corundum gemstones, ruby custom pet necklace is uniquely distinguished by its unique red and other colored corundums. The English name “Ruby” comes from the Latin word “Ruber”, which means red. In the corundum gemstone crystal, part of the aluminum ion of the alumina is replaced by a trace amount of chromium, resulting in a beautiful glamorous red color in the ruby. The richness of chrome content is a guarantee of bright red color of ruby, and its beauty is speechless.

As we all know, the “pigeon blood red” that represents the highest level of red color is specifically referred to ruby. But quite a lot of ruby ​​red color is not pure and gorgeous, because of the influence of other impurity elements, some rubies will have a certain purple tone and rose red. If it contain too much iron element, the ruby ​​will be dark red.

Ruby ranks first in coloured gems, and of course its other physical properties are also excellent. Corundum has a hardness of up to 9, which is second only to diamonds gnn photo necklace in natural gemstones. It is extremely hard and has excellent anti-wear properties.

Unlike other gems, the interior of the ruby ​​presents a unique natural beauty. It comes from her fluorescent reaction. The more intense the fluorescence of the ruby, the more brilliant its red color is in the natural light, and the more valuable it is.

Fluorescence has different effects in different gems, such as in diamonds, which are usually blue-fluorescent, just enough to cover some of the yellowish tones in the diamond, making it look whiter. In ruby, the red fluorescence produced by the chrome element not only makes the color of the ruby ​​more intense, but also makes the interior of the ruby ​​flicker. For example, the ruby ​​of the famous Myanmar Mogok mining area contains a large amount of chromium elements with strong fluorescence, which produces the most vivid and dazzling “pigeon blood red” in the world.

However, not all rubies have strong red fluorescence. In some areas, rubies are rich in iron, which makes the fluorescence reaction inert, so the color of ruby custom dog necklace ​​is darker.

“Pigeon Blood Red” is synonymous with the finest, most exquisite and brightest ruby. The color of “pigeon blood red” in ruby ​​was first seen in English vocabulary in 1829. Some people think that it originated in China, while the other proponents believe that it comes from India, but all walks of life agree that “pigeon blood red” refers to the top quality ruby.

The color of the “pigeon blood red” ruby ​​is as bright and vivid as the fresh blood of the pigeon. In addition to the fact that it needs red enough and pure, it must also contain strong red fluorescence in the sunlight. The red fluorescence makes the ruby red even more dreamy and hazy. Only natural rubies without any treatment can be worthy of such a reputation, which has become a recognized standard in the industry.

The price of “pigeon blood red” rubies produced in Mogok, Myanmar, is much higher than other places. Top rubies have been found in Mogok for centuries, but the mines are running out. Known as “pigeon blood red”, Mogok Ruby is the best gem in the world.